Text to speech (TTS) technology turns written text into speech, providing you with a wealth of human-like voices to bring your content to life. For content creators who have had to rely on freelance voiceover actors, the best AI voice generators, such as Genny by LOVO AI, offer an easier, more affordable, and far more efficient way to give your text a voice. 

Thanks to recent advancements in speech synthesis technology, these new human-like voices are almost indistinguishable from natural speech. Genny by LOVO AI also includes voice editing functions, allowing you to alter the emphasis, pronunciation, cadence, and speed of a voice to ensure that it feels right for the particular content you’re creating and the audience you want to reach. 

For those of you out there making commercials, e-learning courses, podcasts, and YouTube tutorials, you’ll soon see that text to speech advancements can cut your production budget by as much as 90%. And with over 600 distinct and customizable voices available here at LOVO AI, finding a high-quality, tailor-made voice that’s perfect for the content you create is easier than ever. 

If you’re looking for a male voice for your project then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our selection of the best LOVO AI text to speech male voices. 

1. Shawn Price – American English

This AI male voice generator option speaks with a confident but calm and caring tone. Shawn’s pronunciation is very clear, which is emphasized by his slower pace of talking. All this, combined with the instructional manner of his voice makes him an ideal choice for marketing and commercials, as well as educational content such as e-learning, training resources, and explainers. 

When choosing a text to speech male voice, you can change the speed in small increments to get the precise quality you’re looking for. Speed changes often accentuate key aspects of an AI voice or make it more suitable for certain kinds of content. 

In the case of Shawn Price, his pace is natural and his tone is friendly yet informative at normal speed. Speeding up his voice slightly gives him a more authoritative air while slowing down the speed of his voice accentuates his educational tone for greater clarity and emphasis.  

2. Tim Calkney – American English

Tim Calkney’s voice is slightly deeper than Shawn’s yet his tone is full of youthful exuberance and upbeat energy. He speaks at a faster-than-average pace, making him seem confident and assertive when talking. His vocal style would be great for marketing and commercials in particular, although his confident manner makes him a good choice for podcasts, explainer videos, and social media too. 

Since the pace of this AI male voice is fast even at normal speed, Tim’s tone is both persuasive and inspiring. Speeding up his voice makes whatever he’s saying sound even more urgent and compelling. In contrast, slowing the speed of his voice down a little makes Tim’s message sound clearer and calmer but no less enthusiastic.  

3. Bryan Lee Jr – American English

If you’re looking for a unique male AI voice that’s full of depth and character, Bryan Lee Jr could be the one for you. His voice has a mature and warm tone that makes whatever he says sound like a story you don’t want to miss. 

These qualities make Bryan’s voice ideal for audiobooks and narrations, although he would also be an excellent choice for certain types of commercials as well as explainer videos and marketing. 

At his normal pace of speaking, this male voice text to speech option is already fairly slow and thoughtful, with natural pauses for added conviction. Speeding up Bryan’s voice makes it feel more emotive and powerful while slowing it down accentuates his calm, narrative tone. 

4. Kyle Snow – American English

With his upbeat tone and slightly faster talking speed, Kyle Snow has the perfect voice for conveying enthusiasm and youthfulness. This makes him an ideal male voice generator text to speech option for all kinds of content, from audiobooks and narrations to commercials and social media. 

His upbeat tone becomes even more enthusiastic and compelling if you speed up his voice while his tone remains cheerful and enthusiastic but takes on a clearer and more pronounced quality when slowed down. This makes Kyle’s decelerated voice an excellent choice for explainers and e-learning.

5. Brian Hill – British English

Sometimes, a British accent can fit the bill if you’re looking to appeal to audiences across the pond or want a voice that stands out among a sea of American accents. It’s also worth considering that many Americans find the British accent smart, intelligent, and trustworthy.  

While there is a huge variety of British accents out there, Brian Hill’s voice has a generic English accent that is clear but not overly formal. His natural sound is mature, calm, and friendly, and his slow pace of talking with natural pauses gives an extremely realistic quality to this text to speech male voice.

At normal speed, the slower pace and narrative tone of his voice make Brian a great choice for audiobooks, narrations, and explainers. Speeding up his voice adds strength and emotion while slowing down his voice accentuates his calm way of speaking. 

Try these text to speech male voices today

As this small selection of male human-like AI voices shows, there’s a great deal of variation in the tone, depth, speed, and maturity you can expect from our AI voice generator Genny. With added options to change the speed, pauses, and emotion of the speech, there are endless ways to customize your male voice to suit your content and audience.  

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