In a real life studio with real human voice actors, the producer would guide the actor with every subtle detail.

In Genny, you also have the ability to finetune and control pitch at the phoneme level (or the smallest building block of spoken word). This will allow you to generate voiceover in the perfect intonation that you imagined it to be.

First, in your workspace, click Default pitch button on the upper left hand corner of each text block as shown below in red rectangle.

Next, click customize, and the Pitch Control panel will pop up.
Here, you can change pitch of each individual phoneme. You can also see what word the phoneme corresponds to at the bottom of the window.
Once you are done adjusting, click convert. The audio will now be updated with the modified pitch information. Click the play button to listen to how it sounds.

You can use the smooth mode for a more natural pitch modulation. Smooth mode modifies the neighboring phonemes together so that the pitch flows more naturally.

Once you are done editing, click Apply, and the pitch settings will be applied to the text block.
If you wish to modify the pitch again, click the green area of the text block.

If you wish to get rid of the pitch changes, or want to make changes to the script, click “Pitch Customized” on the upper left hand corner of the text block and select “Default Pitch”.