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Introducing new clients to your business is a crucial process that sets the foundation for ongoing relationships and revenue growth. An effective client onboarding process educates customers on your offerings, builds engagement and trust, and increases the likelihood of retention and referrals. One impactful way to facilitate this is through well-designed and visually appealing client onboarding videos.

Client Onboarding Videos Explained

Before diving into how to create effective onboarding videos, it’s essential to understand the different types of videos and how they benefit your business.

What Are the Types of Videos for Client Onboarding?

There are a variety of onboarding video formats to choose from depending on your goals, product/service, target audience, and resources available. Here are a few top examples:

  • Product Walkthrough Videos: These videos provide a step-by-step guide on how to use your products or services.
  • Tutorial Videos: Tutorials teach customers essential processes to set up, configure, or troubleshoot their purchase with visuals and clear instructions.
  • Welcome Videos: You can use these videos to welcome new clients and introduce them to your offerings.
  • FAQ Videos: Answer your most frequently asked questions upfront through conversational videos addressing common pain points.
  • Testimonial Videos: These videos relay customer success stories and testimonials to showcase the value of your offerings.
  • Training Videos: These videos provide in-depth training on how to use the product or service effectively.

The options are vast. Often, a multi-video customer onboarding strategy covering different key details is most effective. Consider your customers’ journey and what media would best serve each stage.

How Do Effective Videos Help Improve Client Retention?

Mastering client retention is mission-critical, and onboarding plays a major role in shaping first impressions and setting clients up for long-term success.

An interactive, well-designed onboarding video delivers consistent experiences that familiarize customers with your brand. It builds comfort and trust quickly through clear explanations tailored to different user levels. Videos keep new clients engaged as they provide easy-to-digest overviews packed with visual evidence. All this helps increase adoption, satisfaction, and the likelihood your customers will stick around and grow with you.

With video being accessible across devices, onboarding videos allow you to educate customers on multiple channels with flexible options to learn at their own pace. By methodically guiding clients through getting started, answering common questions, and demonstrating results, videos get new users active faster. It accelerates time-to-value and gives you a competitive edge.

5 Tips To Create an Effective Client Onboarding Video

Now that you understand the immense value of onboarding videos, here are proven tips to develop ones that captivate customers and get results:

1. Choose The Onboarding Video Type That Best Serves Your Purpose

Outlining clear objectives is critical. Consider what customer pain points you need to address and what video type is most helpful for that particular scenario.

Create an onboarding sequence that educates clients through each milestone with the appropriate media. For example, kick-off with a welcome video, transition into a product tutorial, upsell extended capabilities later with a training video, and supplement with an evergreen FAQ video. 

This orchestrated combination touches on everything a new customer needs to get started and have an exceptional experience that compels them to stay loyal.

2. Use a Screen Recorder To Showcase Your Service or Product

For many companies (especially software/SaaS), visually walking through your product itself via a screencast video can be incredibly powerful for onboarding. Recording your screen paired with an engaging voiceover (including AI voice) allows you to showcase exactly how your product works, call attention to key features, and demonstrate results.

Screen recordings make it easier for customers to recall locations of features covered when independently exploring your offerings post-onboarding. They also serve as convenient refreshers customers can return to.

3. Consider Using AI and Text-to-Speech To Scale Production

Leveraging AI voice actors can optimize costs compared to hiring human talent, while still achieving high quality. With LOVO’s text-to-speech technology instantly converting onboarding script into lifelike vocal performances on demand, you unlock unlimited scaling unbound by recording sessions.

It gives you greater flexibility to customize onboarding videos for different products, user types, languages, accents, sentiments, and durations. Automation speeds up iteration so you can test variations that resonate most with each customer segment and update frequently.

4. Find Ways To Personalize the Onboarding Video Experience

Mass-produced generic onboarding resources often fail because customers expect personalization when investing in new products and services. Tailoring components of your onboarding videos to specific customers or niches improves engagement and conversion.

Even small elements like using names or local references help customers feel that the videos are just for them can be effective. This psychological validation earns higher trust while boosting video content retention too. Experiment to determine what nuances resonate most with your particular target audiences. 

5. Sharp Up Your Editing Skills To Merge Video Clips

Rather than attempting to produce full onboarding videos in single takes, film different clips to strategically combine later through editing. Capture short sequences of distinct experiences like a brand greeting, product tour, testimonial, or FAQ response, then stitch them together for the final video.

This modular approach is easier than perfecting a ten-minute monologue. It also allows rearranging components as you optimize the onboarding storyline for viewers.

Use LOVO’s online video editor to enable managing multiple video files while syncing everything to your AI voiceover audio track. Having text-to-speech generated narration greatly facilitates editing because you can rapidly reorganize without re-recording vocal pickup.

Create Compelling Videos to Onboard Your Clients With LOVO

Onboarding videos enable you to visually introduce customers to your world in a friendly, easily digestible, interactive medium that builds rapport. Leverage rich media across onboarding touchpoints through your customer’s journey with your brand for maximum impact.

LOVO provides an all-in-one platform to make high-quality onboarding video production fast and simple. Record your screen while verbally guiding viewers through product walkthroughs or company overviews. Then, enhance raw footage with LOVO’s integrated AI online video editor, dynamically syncing graphics/animations to focus on key details paired with smooth AI voiceovers generated from text for a polished look.

With quality and scalability combined, LOVO allows you to cost-effectively develop a library of onboarding videos tailored to different segments in your customer base. Accelerate your client onboarding, improve retention rates, and foster growth by tapping into LOVO’s video superpowers today. Start now for free.

A woman in a white white shirt in an office talking to a colleague about onboarding