Businesses are always looking for ways to streamline processes. This desire for efficiency is the same when communicating with your customers. The downside is that you can lose the personal touch as you use technology to become more efficient. Fortunately, this is not the case when you use text-to-speech (TTS) with emotion. It allows you to create realistic voices that accurately imitate the feeling of human speech. You can communicate quickly with your audience at scale without sounding cold and robotic.

What Is Text-to-Speech With Emotion?

Text-to-speech with emotion is the next generation of text-to-speech. TTS has been around for decades now. It has allowed the visually impaired to consume more content, creating more opportunities for educators worldwide. The main issue holding it back has been the dull, monotonous “computer voice” that reads the text aloud. Adding text-to-speech emotion enables the creation of engaging output that sounds like human voices. Text-to-speech using natural-sounding voices opens the door for more depth and emotional nuance.

7 Ways Text-to-Speech With Emotion Is Improving User Experience

Modern speech apps that utilize natural-sounding TTS are the next generation in the industry. They provide new opportunities for your business to connect more deeply with your audience. Here are seven ways that emotional text-to-speech can improve your customer experience.

Provides Desired Emotional Response

Two things are essential when speaking to your customers through a marketing channel or in a customer service environment. The first is that you efficiently deliver all necessary information. The second is ensuring your delivery is on brand and gets the desired emotional response.

We know that people choose to buy products and services based on the tangible benefits and the intangible feeling they get from them. The tangible benefits of a product’s features or service price can be more easily replicated than the intangible feeling that certain brands give us. A computer voice is the definition of emotionless. Utilizing emotive voice tones in your marketing communications is essential to creating an emotional response from your audience.

Captures and Maintains Customer Attention

Listening to a monotone computer voice is not only dull, but it can also be distracting. You are aware that you are listening to something unnatural, which can take you out of the moment, so you lose concentration and don’t fully engage with the content. 

Using text-to-speech with a natural voice, listeners will forget (or not even know) that they are listening to a computer talk. With this distraction removed, your audience is free to take in the information as they would in daily conversation.

Makes Customer Interactions Compelling and Engaging

When you are speaking to your audience, you are telling a story. It could be a story about your new product or your brand. The narrative of the story is part of the bigger picture. But the way you tell the story is just as important. You want a compelling narrator to have your audience’s full attention. 

The need for vibrant storytelling is why many people pay professional voice actors to narrate their autobiographies. You would expect the best person to read an autobiography is the author, and sometimes it is, as long as they have the vocal skills to capture their audience’s intrigue. Now, by using a realistic voice generator with emotion, you can capture that same level of audience engagement.

Empowers Businesses To Communicate Complex Messages and Builds Rapport

Communicating complex messages can be challenging. Giving your audience a block of text will likely turn them off from the start. We add images to break up the text, and images and graphics help explain complicated information visually. 

Making your content as rich as possible improves the delivery of a complex message. It can also help to build customer rapport. The next incarnation of rich media is video explainers, which are very visual and include narration, making them very accessible. When the narration comes from artificial intelligence (AI), using text-to-speech with emotion, you can further build a rapport with your audience. You can explain complex information empathetically rather than just providing dry facts and figures.

Generates Speech in Multiple Languages

High-quality speech software providers offer realistic text-to-speech with an emotional experience in multiple languages. Creating content in one’s native tongue means you can build rapport with your audience across different countries and often other regions within that country. Ensuring your message is culturally appropriate across all regions is vital to building customer trust. 

Helps Individuals With Visual Impairments or Reading Difficulties

Lots of people appreciate text-to-speech for the improved convenience of consuming content. For those with visual impairments or reading difficulties, it is more of a necessity than a luxury. This section of your audience will likely be the ones to use text-to-speech most often and, therefore, be the most bored of the computer voice. They will appreciate an AI voice generator that uses natural voices.

Reinforces Brand Identity Across Different Touch Points

Consistency is critical to building and maintaining a strong, easily recognizable brand across all touchpoints. Content creators use the same custom voice to ensure continuity throughout the brand’s multiple touchpoints. This includes your on-site sales videos, YouTube videos, and anywhere else you post. As a result of the low cost and speed of production when using AI-generated voices, you can quickly produce consistent content across all of your communication channels. It is also much easier to continually make up-to-date, relevant content your audience needs.

Choose the Best Natural-Sounding Speech Tool

When you are ready to use text-to-speech with emotion to level up your customer interactions, choose the best natural-sounding speech software available. LOVO has a vast library of male and female voices to choose from. You can pick from over 100 languages and select regional accents for many countries. You are sure to find the custom voice that fits your brand perfectly. You can start immediately creating audio files to download and add to your marketing materials.