Video created with LOVO‘s Genny and voiced by Sophia

YouTube is an excellent platform for content creators to share their expertise, build communities, and start their own side hustles. While many YouTubers choose to appear on camera, faceless YouTube channels are a growing trend. 

Not everybody wants to be on camera, and faceless YouTube channels allow creators to deliver excellent content without ever needing to show their faces. This allows them to maintain privacy and remain anonymous while still getting to do what they love. 

But what exactly is a faceless YouTube channel, and how can you start one for yourself?

Keep on reading, because you’re about to find out! 

What Is A Faceless YouTube Channel?

A faceless YouTube channel is a channel where the YouTuber doesn’t show their face in their videos. Sometimes, they’ll even keep their names anonymous and may not reveal their real voice. 

It’s less about the person creating the content and more about the content itself. Some examples of the types of content you might find on a faceless channel include product reviews, tutorials, commentary on trending topics, etc. 

Faceless YouTubers will often use voiceovers and visuals to produce their content. As we mentioned above, some prefer not to use their own voice and instead use innovative text-to-speech AI to generate voiceovers — which we’ll tell you more about a little later in this article. 

How To Start A Faceless YouTube Channel

Thinking about starting a faceless YouTube channel? Follow the steps below to embark on your content creation journey. 

1. Pick Your Topic/Niche 🔎

First things first, you’ll need to decide on the focus of your channel. When you get started, it’s important to stick to a niche so that your audience knows what to expect from your content. 

If you’re struggling to find a niche, pay attention to your hobbies and interests! Are you into gaming? Are you a good storyteller? Are you always trying out the latest beauty products? Do you know a lot about plants? The more you focus on your passions, expertise, and skills, the more creative content you’ll be able to come up with.

2. Create A Strong Brand 🌟

While you may not be showing your face, you’ll want your audience to be still able to recognize your channel and content. 

You’ll want visually eye-catching channel art — including thumbnails — so when YouTube users scroll by, they’ll be drawn to your content.

Next, think about your brand persona. Do you want your channel to be fun and friendly or more formal and educational? Get to know your brand inside out so it shines throughout your videos. 

3. Start Planning Your Content ✍️

Planning your videos is key. You want to ensure that your content is high quality, engaging, and creates value for your desired audience. That way, they’ll keep on coming back for more. 

One factor to growing an audience on a faceless YouTube is the uniqueness of your content, so you’ll want to consider things like:

  • How your videos will look
  • How they’ll sound
  • How long they’ll be

It’s important to experiment with various styles of video formats, including tutorials, listicles, and vlogs, to see which resonates most with your audience. If you find that one style of video receives more engagement than others, you can keep creating similar videos to grow your audience. Constantly refine and improve your content based on feedback and analytics.

4. Think About Monetization 💰

You may not need to think about this right from the start, but it’s always a good idea to keep monetization opportunities in mind. 

As your channel grows, it might become clearer how it’s best to monetize your content. Here are some examples of YouTube monetization opportunities:

  • Paid partnerships
  • YouTube ads
  • Video sponsors
  • Affiliate links
  • Product placements

5. Work On Growing Your Audience 📈

Once you’ve started posting videos, there are a few things you can do to get more eyes on them.

For example, you can promote your new faceless channel across your other social media pages. One idea is to take a longer video, edit it into several shorter clips using a video editor for YouTube, and then share them as YouTube Shorts, TikToks, or Reels. This can help draw in a bigger audience. 

You’ll also need to optimize your content for search, so your channel will appear when your audience searches for content around your topic. Keyword research is, well, key here! 

Finally, you’ll want to dedicate time to engaging with your community. Encourage viewers to start up discussions in the comment sections, then be sure to join in yourself. Commenting on other creators’ videos within your niche is another great way to build your reputation and get your name — or pseudonym — out there. 

Supercharge Your Faceless Youtube Channel With Genny

Want to know the secret to a lot of faceless YouTubers’ success? It’s Genny. 

Genny is a tool created by LOVO AI that can generate voiceovers in seconds. 

Whether you want to avoid using your voice or realize how many hours it takes to record your own voiceovers, Genny can produce professional-grade AI voices that are perfect for your faceless YouTube channel. 

Genny has more than 600 AI voices to choose from, with a voice to suit every brand and occasion. There are over 100 languages available, with up to 30 emotions per voice actor. 

You can tell Genny exactly which words to emphasize, how quickly — or slowly — to speak, where to pause, how to pronounce specific words, and more. 

Ready to get your faceless YouTube career off to a great start? You can try Genny for free here.