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Skriv eller klistra in text och generera text till tal inom några sekunder.

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Chloe Woods


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Sophia Butler


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Thomas Coleman


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Bryan Lee Jr.


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TTS med Genny är magiskt

Text to Speech förändrar spelplanen för videoskapare och minskar produktionstiden och kostnaderna avsevärt genom att eliminera behovet av röstskådespelare och inspelningssessioner. Med sitt breda utbud av anpassningsbara röster och accenter gör Text to Speech det möjligt för kreatörer att leverera högkvalitativt, engagerande innehåll som fängslar sin publik och lyfter sina videor till nästa nivå.

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Text till tal på några sekunder

Skapa enkelt realistiska berättarröster för dina videor

Typ. Välj en röst. Generera - så enkelt är det! Inom några sekunder förvandlar Genny din text till en professionell voiceover. Från utbildning till produktdemo och sociala medier - skapa allt blixtsnabbt med Genny.

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Talballonger skrivna på olika språk.

Skapa röster på över 100 språk

Voice overs för din globala publik

Expandera och nå målgrupper över hela världen med våra högkvalitativa människoliknande röster, skapade speciellt för globalt innehåll. Med över 100 tillgängliga språk och accenter har det aldrig varit enklare att lokalisera ditt ljud- och videoinnehåll.

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Hur man genererar röster med Genny

Skapa naturligt klingande röster med bara några enkla steg och spara timmar av inspelning och redigering.

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Steg 1: Skriv eller mata in text

Skriv, klistra in eller ladda upp din text och se hur Genny automatiskt skapar lätt redigerbara block med ditt manus.

klicka på generera-knappen

Steg 2: Generera

Välj en AI-röst från vårt breda utbud av röster och språk. Klicka på generera och på några sekunder är din röst redo

Steg 3: Exportera

När du har skapat ditt innehåll klickar du på exportera och laddar ner din ljud- eller videofil i antingen WAV-, MP3- eller MP4-format.

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Ta del av en 14-dagars kostnadsfri testversion av vår Pro-plan.

Öka hastigheten. Gå upp i nivå. Skala upp. Superladda ditt innehåll med Genny

Voiceovers för alla användningsområden

Upptäck alla typer av innehåll som LOVO kan hjälpa dig att skapa direkt med skräddarsydda röster.

Text till tal för användare precis som du

Gå med i 2 000 000+ användare som älskar att använda LOVO för sina dagliga innehållsbehov.

Radek Kaczynski

Radek Kaczynski

CEO of ‘Bouncer’

The moment we heard this voice we knew this is it! Winston for past three years was developing his personality, but finally is complete with his own voice!!! And not an ordinary voice, one that when you listen to it, you feel like at the campfire listening to the wisdom coming from far journeys, an yet he’s talking about email deliverability ;)

Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin

Director of ‘Griffin Productions Ltd.’

LOVO has been really useful in our social media production. It has allowed us to generate voice-overs and character dialogue for some of our output. We use LOVO as part of our script writing process to preview copy and depending on the project, deliver the recording. Being able to audition from a great range of voices and delivery styles, with a script in realtime, is very advantageous and helps us achieve client approval so much quicker.

John Laing

John Laing

Managing Partner & Supervising Sound Editor ‘Urban Post’

For Spiral we had the challenge of having voice tapes that were somewhat gender neutral and to sound nothing like any other of the Saw franchise films. I came up with the idea of an A.I. style of voice. Going through LOVO’s library of voices we came across a female voice that spoke the words very well for clarity. When we pitched and slowed down the wav files, we got exactly what we needed. Clear, neutral, and weird! Thanks LOVO!

Tobias Fenster

Tobias Fenster

Host of the ‘Window on Technology podcast’

I used LOVO to create the spoken intro and the outro. I was really amazed at how easy it was to use it. You just basically enter the sentences you want to speak, you select the speaker that you want to use, and you can already download the audio file. Thanks a lot for the service!

Oren Aharon

Oren Aharon

CEO of ‘Hour One AI’

LOVO is a leading provider of high quality voices in a large verity of languages with an excellent support! LOVO custom voices replicate the original voice in a high accuracy and authenticity.

Jong Yoon Kim

Jong Yoon Kim

Manager at Toothlife

We used LOVO's Speech Synthesis and TTS technologies to create a special product feature for our Toonation creators. Each creator recorded a short script to clone their voice, which they could use to create content on their own, and also allow their fans to use when the fans made donations to them in their channels. Both the creators and the fans loved the freshness of this new feature and of its quality. The key factor was that LOVO was able to capture each creator's tone, pronunciation, character, and the general speaking habits to really encapsulate their persona.

Adam Fine

Adam Fine

Head of Music & Audio ‘Fiverr’

Partnering with LOVO has helped us smoothly integrate synthetic voices to our platform and level up our offering to our freelancer community. The team at LOVO has been instrumental in bringing our vision with AI voiceovers and text-to-speech to life, and has been a great long term collaborator - bringing their experience in the field to our use case.

Alex Karpyza

Alex Karpyza

Sr. Director, Product Management ‘LotLinx’

LotLinx has utilized LOVO AI technology for their excellent text-to-speech and AI voiceover capabilities for over 2 years now! We utilize LOVO to power the audio voiceover behind a variety of our video ads as the integration is seamless and the quality of the output is first class. The LOVO team was happy to retrain their AI models to better support automotive terminology to suit our use case and are always super responsive. LOVO is a 5 star service!

Tamara Tirjak

Tamara Tirjak

Head of Localisation ‘Frontier Developments’

We use LOVO neural voices in Jurassic World Evolution 2, our ground-breaking immersive management game, as an AI tour guide in 9 languages. We love the quality and tone of the voice samples in their library. The API is easy to use and quick to generate all the spoken lines we need. In order to receive a 10/10 we’d be looking for an interface with powerful tools to edit and fine-tune the synthesized speech output. Aside from than that, it has been a pleasure to work with this innovative solution and the highly knowledgeable staff of LOVO.

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Text till tal - snabbt, effektivt och kostnadseffektivt

  • Snabbare produktion av voiceovers

  • Effektivisera arbetsflöden för maximal produktivitet

  • Högkvalitativa röster, lågkostnadslösning

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