Explainer videos have become an extremely popular and effective way for SaaS companies to demonstrate their products and explain complex concepts to potential customers. Engaging, high-quality explainer videos can grab attention, clearly communicate key features and benefits, and compel viewers to learn more or sign up for a free trial. Creating a successful SaaS explainer video may seem daunting, but breaking down the process into clear steps makes it manageable.

What Are the Benefits of SaaS Explainer Videos?

SaaS explainer videos offer tremendous value for both companies and their potential users.

For SaaS providers, the key benefits include:

  • Demonstrating product capabilities in an easy-to-understand, visual format
  • Explaining complex interfaces, product features, or workflows through simple animation
  • Highlighting key differentiators
  • Building brand awareness and interest
  • Driving free trial sign-ups and conversions

SaaS explainer videos help potential users and customers:

  • Quickly understand what the product does and how it can benefit them
  • See the product’s user interface and key features in action
  • Learn how to complete important workflows using the software
  • Gain confidence in using and getting value from the SaaS product
  • Determine whether the solution is right for their needs

With compelling, high-quality video content that clearly explains your offering, you can influence users’ perceptions, inform their buying decisions, and motivate them to try out or purchase your software.

6 Steps to Create an Effective SaaS Explainer Video

Crafting a successful SaaS explainer video requires an effective process. Follow these key steps.

1. Pick a Video Style That Resonates With Your Target Audience

The first decision is to choose a visual style for your SaaS product videos. Consider which styles your buyer personas typically respond to. Top options include:

  • Whiteboard animation: This fun, informal style uses hand-drawn illustrations that come to life. Whiteboard animated explainer videos allow you to showcase concepts and workflows in a simple, visually engaging way.
  • Screen recordings: A screencast video records actions performed through your actual software’s UI. This allows you to capture clicks and workflows and highlight product elements in real-time. You can then use explanatory voiceover audio to discuss what users are seeing. This demo video style enhances viewer engagement.
  • Motion graphics: Motion graphics use sleek animated elements, icons, shapes, and typography to explain concepts and complex ideas.

When assessing explainer video styles, consider your product’s key differentiators, technical complexity, target buyer demographics, brand personality, and more. Also, always align your visuals with your audience and messaging for maximum impact.

2. Ensure a Coherent and Engaging Narrative With Storyboards 

Before scripting and visual production, map out your explanatory video’s narrative flow and content with a storyboard. Illustrate the general progression of scenes or key messages and what viewers will see on their screens.

Try to keep your storyboard simple but crystal clear. However, you should refine it until your explanatory video’s flow and scenes have maximum clarity based on your goals.

3. Write a Compelling Explainer Video Script

With your storyboard guiding high-level structure and flow, shift your focus to crafting a compelling script. Refine your script until it meets your desired length and persuasive messaging goals. 

You can also record temporary “scratch track” narration during the video scripting phase to catch poor flow or timing issues. At this stage, invite others to review the script to further verify its clarity and impact.

4. Start Recording Your SaaS Video

With your storyboard and script complete, it’s time to start recording your screen or animating the actual explanatory content.

If you’re utilizing whiteboard animation or motion graphics, begin illustrating scenes and animated sequences that align with your storyboard. For screen-recording demo videos, carefully record software walk-throughs highlighting elements from your script.

Whether you’re animating sequences or recording your UI in action, closely adhere to your script and storyboards during your explanatory video production. Straying can result in wasted effort in redoing scenes or narration.

5. Enhance the Visuals and Audio Through Editing

With your raw explanatory video footage complete, leverage professional editing software to refine the content. You can visually enhance scenes via color correction, stylized text, transitions, and motion effects. Insert stock imagery when helpful to demonstrate concepts or situations.

Most importantly, coordinate your recorded narration to make sure the audio perfectly syncs with refined animations and video clips. Rather than basic text-to-speech software, utilize LOVO’s advanced AI to generate amazing lifelike voiceovers for a more professional, persuasive end product.

During this stage, carefully review the fully edited video and make your final tweaks. This will ensure that the imagery, voice narration, text, flow, timing, and scene transitions have maximum visual appeal and synchronize flawlessly.

6. Export Your Video in the Right Format

Finish your explanatory video creation process by exporting the final edited video into commonly used, widely viewable digital formats.

For online hosting and website embedding, export MP4 files with H.264 video encoding and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). These versatile formats maintain the quality while allowing easy viewing on all modern devices and browsers.

You may also export additional versions for native playback through social channels such as YouTube or Facebook. For example, you can create square 1:1 ratio MP4s tailored for Instagram and Facebook feeds, stories, and ads.

Be sure to export mastered explanatory videos at the highest possible resolutions, like 1080p or 4K, to allow flexibility and retain clarity in repurposing the content.

Pair Powerful Video Editing With AI Voiceovers With LOVO

Producing a high-quality SaaS explainer video that grabs viewers’ attention and drives action requires careful attention to visual style, narrative flow, and professional editing polish.

But perfectly executed voiceover narration is truly the essential ingredient that brings all other components together into an engaging, persuasive final product. Rather than settling for dull, robotic text-to-speech software, connect with viewers on a deeper level by utilizing LOVO’s advanced AI to generate amazingly natural-sounding voiceovers.

LOVO’s incredibly lifelike vocal results help your SaaS video better influence potential buyers’ decisions by building trust and clarity. Our top-rated speech synthesis technology helps your complex product explanations truly land with your audience so you can capture more leads.

Unleash the power of AI voiceovers for your next SaaS explainer video. Sign up with LOVO today to get access to more than 500 AI-generated voices in 100-plus languages. Let us help you produce the polished, professional, explanatory videos you need to demonstrate your key differentiators, influence viewers’ perceptions, and ultimately drive conversions.

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