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Premium Text to Speech

The most powerful AI Voice Generator at your command

Experience human-par AI voices that just work for your content. Deliver premium voiceover results in shorter time with a lower budget.

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Ryan Domange
Charlie Carter
Susan Cole
Sally Coleman
Bryan Lee Jr.

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Premium voices

Professional voices tailored to your content

Your content is unique. It deserves a wide choice of voices to bring it to life. Genny’s AI voices are perfect for creating all kinds of content.

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Emotional voices

Breathe life into your story with an explosion of emotions

Breathe life into your story

Human-level just got redefined. No other platforms come close. Experience up to 30 different emotions per voice actor. The next generation of Text to Speech is here.

Experience up to 30 different emotions per voice actor.

1. Choose a voice

2. Choose emotion

3. Type something

64 / 100

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Producer Mode

For the perfectionist in you. Full, finegrained control over how each phoneme sounds.

Prosody control

Add emphasis to words, adjust speed and pauses at word and sentence level.

emphasis feature

High quality raw audio

Uncompressed WAV files for you to apply your VST magic to.

high quality WAV audio files

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