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AI Art Generator

A truly magical experience.

Genny can create beautiful art or image for your videos in seconds. Amplify your message to your audience with AI Generated Images or Art.

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Turn your imagination into reality

Within seconds, Genny can bring your creative visions to life by producing stunning illustrations and images. Unleash your creativity and express yourself in exciting new ways. All you need to do is enter a few words, and watch as Genny magically transforms your text into incredible works of art.

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2,000,000+ users like you are using AI to create images perfect for all types of content

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It’s as easy as ABC

Add keywords

Add several keywords that best describe the image or art that you want to generate.

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Select image style

We have simplified prompt engineering for you into a simple checklist. Simply select from our curated list to create optimized prompt for premium image and art.

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Generate and download or add to your video

Genny will create up to 3 variations of your image within seconds. Choose your favorite one and add to your content. The best part is, they are all copyright-free!

Ai image generated by LOVO prompt

Genny | Art

AI Image Generator built for professionals

In addition to paintings and animations, we have taught our AI to produce the most realistic photographs and images perfect for professional content. If stock media is just not getting the job done, Genny is here for you!

diverse AI art

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Start bringing your imagination to life with the world’s most advanced AI art generator

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Genny Art FAQ

If you cannot find an answer, email for help.