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Genny Write: AI Writer

Goodbye, Writer’s Block. Awesome Video Scripts in Seconds

Genny integrates and optimizes ChatGPT to write captivating video scripts in seconds. Save time and frustration, and focus on what you are good at.

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Tell Genny your big idea and bring it to life

Did you know 100% people agree that the most painful part of creating a video is writing the actual script? Ok, maybe not 100%, but most of us experienced the pain of writer’s block, wasting hours of time and mental capacity.

Now with Genny Write, you have the power of veteran writing assistant at your disposal. Genny has read billions of documents on the web and has learned to write like a pro.

Go from idea to script in mere seconds.

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Writing Templates

Easily generate scripts for all kinds of content

Prompt engineering is the worst. Genny provides you super friendly templates that you can use. Simply answer a few questions, and we will do the work for you.

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chat gpt writing templates

Tone of Writing

Boost your script with different tone of writing

Genny can write in 10+ different tones. Professional, friendly, exciting, funny... Genny can write scripts optimized for your audience.

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displaying tone of writing style

More effective, yet efficient.

Genny is the best AI Writer for video scripts. 10x your productivity and boost your content engagement with your audience.


Write for anyone

Whether you are making a marketing video, corporate training materials, or even for a school assignment, Genny will be by your side helping you write more efficiently.


Write for any video length

With Genny, you can decide the length of your video first, and Genny will write a script with a perfect word count.


Write for performance

Your content deserves more audience. Genny creates optimized scripts so that your content can garner max attention.

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2,000,000+ users like you are creating videos with the best AI Writer for scripts

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