Inclusive marketing should be a priority for every business. By embracing diversity and accessibility in your campaigns, you open your brand up to new audiences and revenue streams. One of the best ways to implement an inclusive marketing strategy is through text-to-speech software. 

With the best text-to-speech software, you can convert written content into natural-sounding speech. It allows visually impaired individuals to still engage with your marketing materials through audio. It also expands your reach to those who prefer consuming information by listening rather than reading.

Benefits of Text-to-Speech Technology for Inclusive Marketing

There are many benefits to leveraging text-to-speech technology as part of your inclusive marketing strategy:

  • Reaches underserved audiences: You can expand your audience reach to underserved groups like the visually impaired and auditory listeners. Text-to-speech makes content accessible on a wide range.
  • Removes barriers to entry: By providing content in audio formats, you eliminate barriers that prevent some groups from engaging with your brand. 
  • Boosts loyalty among diverse customers: Demonstrating a commitment to accessibility and inclusion builds loyalty among diverse demographics.
  • Drives traffic and engagement: Audio content gets shared widely on social media. It helps boost traffic and engagement with your brand.
  • Cost-effective solution: Text-to-speech provides an affordable way to make content accessible compared to human voiceover talent. It saves on production costs.
  • Scalable content production: You can rapidly convert large amounts of written content into audio using text-to-speech, enabling scalable content production.
  • Personalized experience: Personalization of speech features such as speech pace and tone adjustment enable tailored listening experiences for diverse audiences.

When customers feel represented and included in your marketing, you drive meaningful engagement across demographics. Text-to-speech technology enables this by making accessible content easy and cost-effective.

5 Best Text-to-Speech Software for Implementing Inclusive Marketing

When selecting text-to-speech software for your inclusive marketing strategy, you want an intuitive program that offers diverse, natural-sounding voices and speech customization. It should have options for different genders, accents, and languages. 

You also want a program that’s easy to use, offers customization features, and integrates seamlessly into your current workflows. We’ve rounded up the five best text-to-speech software to empower your inclusive marketing efforts:


LOVO is an AI-powered text-to-speech platform that makes it easy for brands to implement inclusive marketing. This robust software produces incredibly realistic human voices from text in just seconds.

With over 500 AI voices in 100+ languages, you can easily convert content into audio tailored to your target audiences. LOVO offers one of the largest libraries of AI voices on the market. 

The male and female voices sound impressively human-like across genders, accents, and languages. You have granular control over voice customization using features like the pronunciation editor, emphasis controls, speed adjustment, and pitch modulation. It allows you to mimic natural human speech patterns and inflection for professional voiceovers.

LOVO also integrates seamlessly into your workflows with video editing capabilities that can be used simultaneously while generating voiceovers. The highly scalable AI voice generator platform enables you to rapidly convert text-to-speech at scale.

2. Speechify

Speechify is another top text-to-speech solution for an inclusive marketing strategy. This web-based software automatically converts documents, articles, emails, and text into natural-sounding audio files.

Speechify offers over 15 languages to convert text into human-like voices. It offers over 30 diverse voices to choose from across genders and accents. You can adjust speech speed for a personalized listening experience.

The software also allows you to upload scanned or printed text. It will intelligently convert the words into clear audio. It makes converting books, magazines, reports, and other printed content easy.

3. Murf

Murf is a versatile text-to-speech platform podcasters, content creators, educators, and professionals use to convert text into human-like speech. This software generates incredibly natural-sounding voices with options to customize tone, accents, and speaking styles. Murf offers one of the largest voice libraries with 100+ options across languages.

The AI voiceover studio provides a polished toolset to craft professional voiceovers. You can adjust volume, pacing, pronunciation, and emphasis on words to mimic human speech patterns.

Murf also enables you to produce AI video voiceovers using the integrated editor. Add voiceovers to marketing videos at scale while maintaining high quality. Murf allows you to fine-tune voiceovers to resonate with diverse audiences. The custom voices and speech mimic natural conversation.

4. Synthesys

Synthesys offers advanced text-to-speech capabilities to turn scripts into professional human-sounding voices and videos. This AI voice generator has over 70 realistic voices for multiple genders across various ages. The voices sound impressively human-like in tone and expression.

You can customize speech by emphasizing words, modulating volume, adding pauses, and controlling speed. It allows you to add emotion and personality to your voiceovers. Synthesys seamlessly integrates into your creative workflows. Quickly add professional voiceovers to explainer videos, commercials, website media, and more.

5. Listnr

Listnr is another advanced text-to-speech program for marketers looking to improve inclusivity. This software converts text into audio while letting you customize elements like genre, accent, speed, pauses, and more. Listnr supports creating audio in 17+ languages. You can quickly localize marketing content for diverse audiences by converting text-to-speech in different languages.

The platform has an embeddable audio player for your website. You can also distribute audio to top streaming platforms for podcasts and advertising and expand your reach through audio content.

Reach a Broader and More Inclusive Audience With the Right Technology

Implementing inclusive marketing involves embracing diversity and eliminating barriers to engaging with your brand. Text-to-speech technology enables you to achieve these goals by converting written content into accessible audio formats.

By taking an inclusive approach with the help of text-to-speech, you can connect with a broader audience and unlock new revenue streams. Try LOVO today to make your marketing more inclusive and empower diverse groups to engage with your brand.