Top AI voices for training content

If you’re new to using AI tools to create training content, you may not realize the importance of finding the right voice. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options and incredibly tempting to just pick the first free AI voice you find. However, picking the right AI voiceover for your training content requires a little more thought than you might expect. 

If you’re trying to train someone to do an important task, you need to keep them engaged throughout the entire video. Now, imagine you pick the first AI voice you find, but it’s a bland, monotone robotic voice. Your viewers are going to switch off almost instantly. 

Finding the right voice for your content is essential to ensure your content is compelling and accurately reflects your brand. We’ve written about this before, so be sure to read that post if you’re just getting started with AI training content. 

In this post, we will look at a few of our favorite AI training voices that we think will be a great fit for your educational content.

5 of the best AI voices for training content

Here are a few great AI voices that will help enhance your training videos.

Thomas Coleman – American English

Thomas Coleman is a great fit for educational content. His warm tone helps listeners feel comfortable, making him perfect for educational content. There may be complicated explanations in your video, so having a warm tone makes it far easier for the listener to stay engaged and feel as if they’re being talked to, not talked at.

Thomas offers a knowledgeable tone to instill confidence in the listener. However, it’s far from the authoritative, arrogant AI voices you sometimes hear. He’s more like an empathetic teacher, the exact kind of voice you would hope for when watching AI training content.

Sophia Butler – American English

If you need an AI voiceover for content that targets a younger audience, Sophia Butler could be exactly what you need. Her youthful, upbeat tone is perfect for training content with plenty of energy to keep viewers hooked.

Unsurprisingly, Sophia is one of our most popular AI voices. Her friendly tone fits with almost any content type, especially educational content. Sophia gains a more gentle feel at slower speeds, which can be great for training content regarding more sensitive topics. On the other hand, speeding her up gives a bubbly but authoritative tone. This makes your content pop while retaining the feeling that she knows what she’s talking about. 

Paul Roberts – British English

There’s something about the British accent that Americans can’t get enough of.

Paul has a clear and calm British accent, it’s a great balance that offers clarity and authority without sounding stuffy or condescending. 

Paul’s voice is conversational and engaging, which is perfect for training content. If you need him to pick up the pace a little, then just speed him up to add strength and passion to his delivery.

Katelyn Harrison – British English

If you’re looking for all the benefits of a British accent but prefer a female voice, Katelyn is right for you. She has a very clear accent that is easy to understand. This is great for educational content for people who use English as a second language.

Katelyn sounds kind but firm. This makes her a great fit for educational content because she can explain things clearly and calmly but still pack your voiceover with enough authority to give confidence to the listener. 

Nicole Carino – American English

Nicole Carino’s voice is great for educational content aimed at younger audiences. It’s very engaging, with a sense of warmth that can work wonders when explaining things to nervous or unsure learners. Nicole is also great for training content that needs to have a more conversational feel.

If you’re looking for an AI voice that makes your training content less intimidating and more approachable, Nicole is one of our best options. 

Use your own voice in your training content

Of course, sometimes you have such a specific vision for your content that you want to record the voiceover yourself. The control of using your own voice will help you get the tone of your content exactly right to solidify branding. However, recording your content takes a lot of time, especially if you’re not used to recording yourself. Thankfully, you can use your own voice for your content and enjoy the time and cost-saving benefits of AI voiceovers. 

Creating your own AI voice takes a little time but will save you hours in the long run. The process is surprisingly easy, especially with Genny. Simply open the app and record your prompts directly into the app. Once you’ve hit the “Create a Voice” button, Genny will do the rest for you!

Genny only requires four one-minute files to accurately reproduce your voice. From there, you can create as much content as you want with your own voice without the fuss of recording yourself reading scripts every single time.

Find the best voices for your AI training content with Genny

These voices are just the start of what LOVO AI can offer you. Genny is our one-stop shop for all things generative AI. While specializing in AI voice generation, offering 600+ voices in over 100 languages, Genny can do much, much more.

Genny offers AI script generation to help you overcome writer’s block and produce highly engaging scripts in the blink of an eye. Combine that with Genny’s online video editor and unlimited royalty-free image generation, and you’ve got everything you need to make incredible training content. 

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