In the past decade, we’ve seen a massive increase in the capabilities of artificial intelligence, or AI. It’s helping creators and businesses more than ever before. One of the most interesting use cases is AI generated podcasts.

AI-generated podcasts are becoming more and more common, and they’re so high-quality that you probably don’t even realize when you’re listening to one. 

With AI, businesses and creatives can generate engaging audio podcasts quickly and with barely any effort. Here’s everything to know about AI-generated podcasts for your business.

What is podcasting for businesses?

Right now, there are around 800,000 active podcasts. They’re entertaining, informative, and most of all, they’re convenient. People can tune in from anywhere — at the gym, on a walk, in the car, and more. Using a podcast to grow your business is a no-brainer. 

Tap into the power of audio to connect with your audience. Build relationships with customers, share your expertise, and promote products or services in an engaging and personal way. 

What are the benefits of podcasting for business?

People are already hooked on podcasts — so why should you jump on board? 

Build a connection with your audience or customers

It’s much easier to create a special rapport with your audience when you’re talking directly to them. Reading blog articles or social media posts simply can’t create the same connection. With a podcast, you can be a lot more personal and informal and speak straight to your listener. 

Establish brand authority

A podcast is a chance to showcase your expertise and share your knowledge with your audience. Whether you’re highlighting the behind-the-scenes of your business, sharing tips and tricks, or educating your audience on specific topics, the podcast medium makes it far more personal and engaging.

Increase website traffic

A podcast isn’t just for entertainment –– it’s a marketing tool. A 30-minute podcast is essentially just a 30-minute advertisement for your business, with the added bonus of providing entertainment or education for listeners. Upload each podcast episode to your website, being sure to use SEO to increase visibility and drive more traffic to your site. 

Plus, loyal listeners may spread the word about your podcast to friends, which will help grow your traffic and your audience.

It’s easy to get started

Creating a podcast is fairly easy to do. All you need is a microphone, basic editing skills, and an internet connection. Practice makes perfect, after all, so it’s worth just jumping in and getting started. 

Use AI to help speed up the process and make your life easier. More on that in a minute!

It can be an additional revenue stream

Though many people create podcasts as a hobby or a side-project for marketing purposes, it can be quite a lucrative income stream. It varies by case, but typically, a podcast with around 10,000 downloads per episode can generate an income of up to $900 per episode.

Why AI can help you launch a podcast quickly

So, we can all agree that launching a podcast can be great for establishing and growing your business –– but where do you start?

From the outside, podcasting can be a daunting medium. The thought of buying recording equipment, setting up a soundproof podcasting space, and learning to edit audio is often enough to turn people off from the idea altogether. But it doesn’t have to be hard! Using AI to generate and edit your podcast is an excellent way to get started. 

Let’s go through the benefits of using AI to generate a podcast.

Save time and effort

Say you’re launching a podcast the traditional way. For each episode, you’ll need to write a script, record the audio, edit out any mistakes, and upload the finished audio. 

But with AI-generated podcasts, all you need is the script. Text-to-voice software can take care of the rest, creating a realistic human voice that your audience won’t even realize is generated by AI. 

Maintain a consistent quality

For podcasters, their voice is their bread and butter. That means that if there’s a week where they feel sick or have a scratchy throat, it’s impossible to record a high-quality audio track. With AI voiceovers, you’re guaranteed a consistent result for every episode you produce. 

This goes for background noise as well. AI-generated podcasts always have clear, crisp sound. Plus, you never have to worry about barking dogs, noisy traffic, or overhead planes in the background when you’re creating your show. 

Access natural-sounding human voices

If you read “AI” and think “robots,” think again. Genny, our AI-powered tool, produces voiceovers with the most realistic human voices you’ll ever hear. Choose a voice, an accent, and even a combination of emotions, and turn your script into an engaging and captivating audio track.

Tap into multiple voice options

Listening to the same voice for an hour-long podcast episode won’t always be fun. LOVO AI’s voiceover generator has a wide choice of voices, with varying pitches and accents, to spice up your recording. Use different voices in the same episode to have multiple hosts, or choose one different voice for each episode.

Reduce costs and save money

Podcasting can get expensive. You need to buy or rent recording equipment, find a sound-treated room or recording studio, and pay hosts or voice actors to lend their talent to your project.

With an AI voice generator, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Just plug your script into our software, tinker with a few elements to perfect your recording, and presto — you’re done!

How to use an AI Voice Generator for podcasting

LOVO’s AI voice generator, Genny, is perfect for podcasters and audio creators. There’s no need for special software or a production team. Choose from a variety of realistic, human-like AI voices to create your own podcast brand. We even have voices specifically for branded content if you’re looking for an informative, professional vibe. 

Try Genny for free today by signing up for a 14-day free trial!