Voice AI is one of the most exciting tech developments of recent years. This technology focuses on natural human conversations and extends the power of text-based AI technology. 

8.4 billion units is the sheer number of digital voice assistants projected by 2024. With these AI developments, a whole new world of possibilities has opened up for organizations. 

Whether you’re using voice AI in your customer support center, on your website, in your app, or in your marketing strategy, the possibilities are endless. Most importantly, strategically using voice AI can save your business immense time and effort, all while enhancing the customer experience. 

In this guide, we’ll cover what exactly voice AI is, how businesses can use it, and why voice AI is so beneficial. 

What is voice AI? 

Voice AI is a type of artificial intelligence technology that mimics the human voice and understands voice commands. With the use of natural language processing (NLP), you are able to provide a personalized, more enjoyable experience. 

This technology can also recognize text and transform this into speech. 

Having access to AI that can understand and respond to human speech opens up many new possibilities for businesses. This is why so many different sectors are embracing voice AI, with the market for voice-based speakers being expected to grow at a rapid pace

How businesses are using voice AI 

There are many different ways that businesses can incorporate voice AI into their operations. Here are some of the main use cases for this type of technology. 

Manage customer interactions 

Arguably the biggest area where Voice AI is being used is in customer service. With AI technology that can understand human speech, businesses can automate various areas of customer interaction. 

This can be achieved through the use of chatbots, voice assistants, and voice recognition software. Instead of requiring a human to listen to all customer queries and steer them in the right direction, voice AI can understand queries and automate their responses accordingly. 

While chatbots have traditionally been text-based, businesses can now incorporate voice bots for a more natural experience. Customer support call centers are also using AI on their phone lines to interact with callers straight away. This creates new possibilities for optimal customer service efforts. 

Improve administration efforts of your business 

Organizations can use AI technology to streamline various administrative tasks, like scheduling appointments or performing research. 

By using voice commands to manage administrative tasks, businesses can save time and operate a lot more efficiently. 

As mentioned, this is also something that can be extended to the customer experience. For example, certain apps and software products can incorporate voice AI to understand and respond to user queries. 

Assist with marketing campaigns 

Voice AI can be used as a tool for customer engagement. This can be done by using voice-based AI to attract customers to your business and send engaging content in their direction. 

A good example is voice generator AI software, which can help businesses with content creation efforts, specifically creating videos, podcasts, social media content, video ads, ebooks, and more. 

With the right software, you can even create premium videos with time-synced AI voiceovers. 

This can help small businesses access marketing and content creation opportunities that would have otherwise been out of reach. This also helps you create marketing messages in different languages, and to repurpose your existing marketing content in more ways. 

Generates customer insights 

Voice AI tools can help customers by offering them a more seamless experience. This may include using the technology to gather and store information to provide valuable customer insights.

Or, by using tools like voice bots for interactive and personalized marketing, businesses can gain deeper insights into consumer behaviors and needs. This can help enterprises to personalize their services and experiences to better match their customer’s interests. 

If that doesn’t convince you to get on board, consider this – tutorial explainer videos, corporate training, YouTube videos, E-Learning, audiobooks, and gaming are other popular examples of where you can use this nifty technology

7 Benefits of Voice AI for your business 

There are various ways that businesses can use voice AI to enhance their operations. Whatever approach you take with voice AI, here are some of the main benefits that this technology can help you achieve. 

1. Saves time and effort 

One of the most obvious advantages of using voice AI is that it can save businesses a lot of time and effort. Instead of having to rely on manual communications and messaging, voice AI technology can handle a large portion of customer service and engagement for you. 

This helps to keep your customers happy without requiring people to perform these tasks. Companies can also use voice AI to automate time-consuming customer interactions, which makes it easier to scale these exchanges and provide intensive customer service with minimal resources. 

2. Provides a faster and more enjoyable customer experience 

By automating customer service tasks with voice AI, you are able to provide far more efficient service to clients. 

Customers don’t have to wait for someone to answer the phone or find the time to respond to their query. Instead, they can instantly engage with a company and gain feedback and responses from them. 

When using voice AI, customers also have more engagement options. Instead of limiting customer service and engagement to a single channel, customers can access new ways to connect with an organization. This all adds to a more positive customer experience. 

3. Helps to personalize customer experiences 

When used correctly, voice AI doesn’t just offer generic responses to your users. Instead, you can use it to provide a far more personalized customer experience – even though it’s all automated. 

This is because AI technology is smart, and it can engage with your customers on a deeper level. By utilizing voice AI in elements like customer phone queries or voice chatbots, you can provide detailed, personalized solutions to your specific audience. 

Again, this enhances the customer experience and boosts the business’s customer service offerings. 

4. Opens up new possibilities for customer interactions 

With voice AI, you don’t have to rely on the same old approach to customer service and engagement. Instead, you can use new tactics to meet your customer’s needs and provide adequate support to them. 

Voice assistants add a whole new level of convenience for customer support interactions. But the possibilities don’t end there. You can use voice AI to enhance the customer experience on your app, on our eCommerce website, in your marketing content, and more. 

This all opens up new possibilities for ways that customers can engage with your brand. 

5. Saves on budget 

Voice AI gives you a lot of opportunities to save money. 

Let’s go back to the example of using voice AI for customer support. A single call to a contact center can cost a business up to $15, yet using voice AI to cover that call will reduce these operating expenses significantly. 

Any area of your business that can be automated with AI can save you money. By helping your organization do more with less manual input, there are significant financial savings to be had. 

Voice AI tools can also help you venture into added features that would ordinarily be unavailable. For example, using a text-to-speech tool can help you create incredible marketing content that would have otherwise been expensive to produce. 

This doesn’t only mean you can achieve more, but you’ll actually save money when creating this content. 

6. Shortens the sales cycle 

Voice AI software can also help you shorten the sales cycle and improve business recovery rates. 

This is because you can reach potential customers faster, and automate your engagement with them. Instead of having prospects wait around to get hold of a salesperson, voice AI can do this directly. 

This provides a faster, more seamless customer journey. It also helps you lose the sales cycle a lot more efficiently. 

7. Offers personalized experiences 

Voice AI may not be human, but it can still provide a human level of communication (especially when you use a platform that can provide 30 different emotions per voice actor). 

Some AI agents can converse with customers and dig up customers’ histories. This allows the AI agent to provide personalized solutions. 

Advanced AI systems can also adjust their communication style in real time to match the language preferences and characteristics of the customer. This helps you provide a tailored customer experience with AI. 

Lastly, voice AI can be used across multiple languages to interact with customers in many different ways. This means the technology can help you provide highly personalized experiences to each individual and target audience. 


There are endless possibilities when it comes to using voice AI. And as voice AI technology develops and becomes even more advanced, the opportunities are even more promising. 

An AI voice generator can assist your business in a variety of ways. Whether it’s for marketing, customer support, or streamlining processes, using voice Ai is one of the best solutions available

As a business today, it’s important to explore different options to help you optimize procedures, save time, and achieve more with less.