Introducing the top AI voice generators for education

The advancement of artificial intelligence has opened up a another world of new opportunities, such as the ability to convert speech to text or create synthetic speech. Utilizing these tools, it has never been easier to create educational content to optimize learning within the classroom. Content can be created from K-12 and even in academia at the university and post-graduate levels.

As a result of the recent surge in AI, an area that has seen substantial development is educational content. In light of businesses looking to AI voice generators for education to generate engaging, interactive content. However, an intelligent voice generator is more than just a voice synthesizer. It is a tool that can take information and give the user the ability to interact with that information in different ways, depending on the kind of user. 

At the heart of this interaction is natural language processing (NLP), which generates speech or text in a way that can mimic human language and convey information clearly to the user. AI voice generator can provide the added value of communication that can produce excellent results for your business. This article explores leading AI voice generators for education and provides insight into their integration into the marketplace. Below are the top 5 AI voice generators worth considering if you want to achieve quality results with your e-learning content.

Genny by LOVO

One of the best text-to-speech tools available for creating educational content is Genny. The most recent developments in AI are used in this program to make the text read by human voices. LOVO imports text and utilizes AI to convert it into natural voices.

A key differentiating factor from other text-to-speech platform is the video editing capabilities. You can generate AI voiceovers using the AI voice generator and simultaneously edit your video. When creating educational content for the classroom, most of the time it’s video lessons. Genny makes it that much easier to generate educational content in the video format complete with voiceovers.

Audio advertisements, online courses, audiobooks, and even video games can be created from using Genny by LOVO.

Some of LOVO’s most prominent characteristics are as follows:

  • Selection of more than 180 voices covering 150+ different languages in 30+ emotions
  • High-quality, natural sounding voices
  • Edit your voice using emphasis, speed and add pauses
  • Pronunciation editor to edit pronunciation of specific words and acronyms.
  • Sound effects and non-verbal interjections to increase the natural feel
  • Comprehensive video editor
  • Resource database with over 150,000+ stock images and video

It costs nothing to start. For 14 days, you can use the full version of the program without paying anything. After the free trial, you’ll have the option of switching to a premium subscription.

The Basic plan costs $24 per month (billed annually) while the Pro plan, which includes all AI tools and premium features, starts at $48 per month (billed annually)


When it comes to AI text-to-speech generators, Synthesys is also widely used. You can create a quality AI voiceover for various purposes with only a few clicks. Synthesys has a variety of voices that you can use, depending on your needs. 

The features that Synthesys offers include:

  • Selection of recorded voices available for your use. 35 females, 30 males
  • Voice editor interface
  • It can be used in various marketing mediums, including sales videos, letters, cartoons, explainers, social media, TV ads, podcasts, and more.

There are three tiers of pricing: Audio Synthesys (at $29/month), Human Studio Synthesys (at $39/month), and Audio and Human Studio Synthesys (at $59/month).


Listnr is an artificial intelligence-powered text-to-speech converter whose output sounds eerily human. It can generate audio from a text in a couple of seconds due to advanced AI algorithms.

Listnr also includes a helpful audio player embed option. Using this method, you can quickly and easily give your blog posts a voiceover using AI. Besides making a voiceover for a video on YouTube, Listnr can be used to record a podcast or an audiobook.

Some of Listnr’s most notable characteristics are as follows:

  • Add a sharable, editable music player
  • individualized for each listener
  • maximizes profits by boosting conversions
  • Digital audiobooks, podcasts, and videos narrated by robots
  • Acoustical analysis

A trifecta of pricing schemes exists:

Price for a single person: $15 per month

Initial 30$/monthly

Cost of agency services: $75 per month is an advanced AI text-to-speech generator that uses AI from IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google to generate audio and voices. The application excels in voicing over text, and you may save the finished product in MP3 or WAV format. is a tool that instantly converts any text you input or imports into a natural human voice based on your selected voice type. Speech synthesis markup language (SSML) elements, speech styles, and pronunciations can then be applied to the audio for further improvement.

Some of’s most notable characteristics are as follows:

  • Recreate blog posts as podcasts
  • Incorporate a time-of-use speech synthesis system
  • 570+ different voices and dialects
  • Podcast, video, and e-learning narration that sounds like a human being speaking

Available in five different packages are:

Starting at $19/month for individuals and $39/month for businesses, and $99/month for expansion. For Companies, the Monthly Fee is $199


Murf is a voice generator that converts text into speech and can produce professional-sounding voiceovers. This software can be used to make a voiceover for films, podcasts, and business presentations. This text-to-speech program features over a hundred unique voices and can convert between twenty languages. Murf’s voice is produced with cutting-edge AI techniques.

With Murf, you may edit audio straightforwardly and intuitively. As a bonus, the audio editor may be perfectly timed to accompany any visual or auditory content. Murf also features a built-in grammar checker. This facilitates the writing of scripts with proper grammar. Your listeners will have a better time with the voiceover as a result.

Murf’s voice-based AI has some nice features:

  • Automated Speech Synthesis
  • Cloning of Voices
  • Voice Changer 
  • Voice Over Video 
  • Google Slides Plugin

The voice-generating tools of Murf AI can be used in four distinct ways:

Free: $0 

Essential: $13 a month

Pro: It’s only $26 a month

The price for a business is $167 per month.


In conclusion, artificial intelligence voice generators can help create a voiceover suited to your business. They provide, by far, the most effective, recognizable, and realistic voiceovers around. The real-world applications of artificial intelligence text-to-speech are endless. These software tools continue to become more advanced, and the need for an AI tools will only increase.