Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are changing the game for marketers. When you know when and how to use them, they can help you streamline business processes, make you more productive, and better engage your target audiences. 

The top marketing agencies and consultants are already getting ahead of the curve when it comes to AI. They’re learning which tools deliver the best results in each area of their marketing strategies for clients and businesses. So, we’ve pulled together this guide to show you how artificial intelligence can support your marketing, from content, to SEO, analytics, and beyond. Plus we’ve included a list of some of the best AI tools out there right now.

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How AI is revolutionizing marketing

Where there’s a marketing need, there’s an AI tool to help. Artificial intelligence can optimize the entire marketing funnel, from lead generation to driving conversions and sales. 

Here’s a breakdown of how AI can support your marketing efforts. 

Analyzing large data sets

In marketing, there’s a lot of data out there. If you were to attempt to go through it all, you’d be there for a very long time. 

AI tools can efficiently process large data sets — like customer behavior, purchase history, social media interactions, and other data points — and extract actionable insights you might otherwise miss. 

Better targeting and personalization

Speaking of data, marketers can use AI-powered tools to analyze and segment audience data quickly and efficiently. 

AI can then produce tailored content and recommendations that resonate with individual consumers, fostering stronger connections and driving higher conversion rates.

Automating tasks

One of the biggest advantages of AI in marketing is how it can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, like social media scheduling, content creation, data analysis, and customer support.

Better optimized campaigns

By leveraging AI-powered analytics, marketers can gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends.

You can use these insights to continuously improve marketing campaigns, identifying the most effective channels and optimizing ad spend allocation.

Improving Email Marketing

AI-powered email tools can segment audiences based on various parameters and deliver highly targeted and personalized messages.

For example, marketers can optimize email subject lines, content, and send times for maximum open and click-through rates. 

13 of the best AI tools that businesses can use now

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AI image generators

Visuals are a crucial component of any good marketing campaign. AI image generators can transform ideas and words into attention-grabbing imagery in seconds. 

Here are some of the best AI image-generation tools:

    • Unlimited image generation
    • Commercial rights to images created
    • Various style images
  • Jasper Art:
    • Unlimited unique images
    • Various image styles
    • Prompts for inspiration
  • Starry AI:
    • Beginner friendly
    • Complete ownership of imagery
    • More than 16 art styles to choose from
  • Dall-E:
    • Various style images
    • Animal illustration
    • Combine polar concepts

AI content tools

Excellent copy is the true driver of conversions. There are tools that can help improve the tone, efficiency, grammar, and style of your writing. 

Here are some of the best AI content tools to try:

  • Grammarly:
    • Writing suggestions
    • Tone checker
    • Comprehensive grammar and spelling checks
  • Jasper:
    • Copy tailored to each platform
    • Various tones of voices
    • Learns brand voice
  • WriteSonic:
    • Paraphraser, expander, and shortener
    • Streamlined creating, editing, and publishing
    • Tailored copy for various platforms

AI email tools

Wondering how to increase your email campaign open and click rates? AI can help with that.

Here are some of the best AI-powered email tools:

  • Rasa:
    • Customized customer journeys
    • Pulls in existing content
    • Email engagement analysis
  • Optimail:
    • Individual subscriber behavior monitoring
    • Automatic personalization of content and send times
    • Content optimizer
  • Seventh Sense:
    • Daily send time optimization
    • Optimized send frequency per subscriber
    • Designed for HubSpot and Marketo

AI SEO tools

When it comes to SEO optimization, AI SEO tools are your best friend.

Features like comprehensive keyword research, competitor analysis, and content optimization suggestions can help businesses improve their search rankings, drive organic website traffic, and gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

Try these popular AI SEO tools:

  1. SEMrush:
    • 50+ tools
    • AI-driven site audit to identify technical SEO issues and provide actionable recommendations
    • SEO-driven content recommendations
  2. Frase:
    • Simple SEO content research and optimization
    • Quick and thorough content briefs
    • Spot pages that are losing rank and need updating
  3. Surfer:
    • Growth management tool
    • Determine your target customers’ search intent
    • Other insights include page speed, keyword density, missing backlinks, and NLP sentiment

AI CRO tools

If you want to ensure that you drive more traffic to your website and increase revenue, you need to focus on conversion rate optimization.

Running A/B tests to discover what resonates best with your audience or personalizing your messaging to each visitor based on the ads they’re coming from are essential CRO tactics you should explore. Typically, these tasks require substantial resources, but with the help of AI, you can automate 99% of these processes.

Try this popular AI CRO tool:

  1. OptiMonk AI:
    • Product page optimization at scale
    • Personalized popups
    • Fully automated A/B testing
    • AI personalization

Text to speech (TTS) AI

Using text-to-speech in your content can maximize campaign performance by keeping your audience engaged. 

In-app text-to-speech features on social media platforms are limited. They sound obviously robotic, which can be quite jarring for some users, plus you have to share the same voices with other brands — including your competitors.

Here at LOVO AI, our text-to-speech tool, Genny, stands out as a transformative solution for marketers and content creators. Genny removes the limitations of TTS, with hundreds of unique voices to choose from.

Not only can you pick specific voices to suit your brand, you can also adjust the emotion of those voices. Want it to shout? Cry? Sound uncertain? Or sound like they’ve had one drink too many? Genny can do all that and then some. 

Genny can produce automated voiceovers for any kind of video content, including explainer videos, Reels, TikToks, Shorts, E-Learning videos, and even podcasts. With Genny, creators can save 90% of their time and budget. 

LOVO AI’s Genny:

  • 500+ voices to choose from
  • Available in 100+ languages and accents
  • Expresses 25+ emotions
  • Seamlessly dub videos with TTS
  • Add sound effects and background music
  • Features AI art generator technology that can generate complementary visuals
  • Features an AI writer feature that can write scripts
  • Has a community of 1,000,000+ creators 

Ready to try Genny? Get a free demo of LOVO’s AI Voice Generator Technology today.