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Remember when we had a partnership with NBC Universal to create Boss Baby Cameos? That’s just one example of what AI can potentially achieve by making celebrity voices and intellectual property available in custom forms.

Would you like your favorite celebrity to sing happy birthday to you? Now with the power of AI, it’s possible. In this post, we dive into the world of the AI celebrity voice generator, including what you can and can’t do with it.

What is a celebrity voice generator?

A celebrity AI voice generator is exactly what it sounds like. At the click of a button, you can get typed text read out loud by a voice that sounds exactly like a well-known public figure. You can also change your own voice in real-time.

But how does it work? Like any other text to speech tool, a celebrity voice generator uses artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and advanced APIs to read words aloud in a realistic, human-like voice. In the case of a celebrity AI voice generator, that voice has the accent and intonation of your chosen celebrity.

What can I use it for?

Like a lot of AI technology on the market, a celebrity voice generator is fun to play around with. You can use it for entertainment – to play pranks on friends, send funny messages, and create spoof content like our demo below! 

You can also use an AI voice generator with celebrity voices to create deep fakes. But – because there are legal ramifications – you really shouldn’t. The tech is pretty advanced now, which means voices sound realistic and can be mistaken for the real thing, which can lead to fake news and fraud.

Are AI celebrity voice generators any good?

It all comes down to the sound quality. Pick a free AI celebrity voice generator, and you won’t be able to count on the quality. However, paid-for, premium apps are much more reliable, as they offer realistic text-to-speech that sounds human rather than robotic.

LOVO AI provides hyper-realistic AI voices, proving that AI can sound completely human. Listen to Genny and hear for yourself.

Which celebrity voices can AI mimic?

Across the wide range of celebrity voice generators online, you’ll find a huge selection of celebrity voices.

Presidents are a popular option, with Joe Biden, Trump, and Obama a feature of many voice generator apps. You’ll also find musicians like Kanye West, actors like Gwyneth Paltrow, and cartoon characters like SpongeBob SquarePants. Some AI celebrity voice generators even include Quandale Dingle, so you can give this particular meme legend a unique voice.  

More and more celebrity voices are being added to apps all the time. So, if there’s a celebrity voice you’d love to use, there’s likely to be a website or app out there that provides it.

Best celebrity voice generator websites and apps

If you want to create your own funny celebrity voices, explore the best celebrity voice generator websites and apps available below.

LOVO Custom Voices

You can use LOVO’s custom voice cloning feature to create your very own voice. By inputting just 5 seconds of reference audio, LOVO can create a similar voice instantly.

Mind you, you cannot use this cloned voice for imitation of celebrities, so only use this tool for personal entertainment purposes!


FakeYou is an easy-to-use celebrity voice generator that’s free. Simply copy and paste any text into the software, then choose from over 2,000 voice options, including those of current and former presidents and a host of Hollywood actors.  


TopMediai is an AI voice generator with an added AI art generator. It has a library of over 3,200 voices and can create AI speech using over 70 languages and accents. Obama, Trump, and Biden are all on this app’s celebrity voice list.  


Another great celebrity voice generator online, Uberduck, is free to use (though there are paid versions if you want better functionality). It offers over 5,000 voices to choose from, including the sound-a-like voices of Mickey Mouse, Patrick Stewart, and John F Kennedy.

Voice AI

Voice AI is a real-time voice changer designed with gamers, streamers, and content creators in mind. You can record and save your voice too. Head to the Voice Universe to pick from over 1,000 different voices, from politicians to pop stars to cartoon characters.


Voicer is one of the more basic voice changer apps available online, but it’s still worth a look if you like the idea of sounding like Beyoncé, Morgan Freeman, or even Darth Vader. Voicer also allows you to apply echo and reverb, and change pitch, to make a more realistic recording.

Celebrity Voice Changer

With the Celebrity Voice Changer app, you simply record your own voice, choose from a selection of famous voices (including Peter Griffin, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kim Jong Un), and then wait a few moments for the celebrity voice to generate.

LOVO’s AI voice generator

Text to speech technology can be used for lots of fun things – like imitating your favorite celebrities – but you can also use it for business and marketing purposes. This is particularly good news for businesses with limited budgets, as voiceover artists don’t come cheap. Instead, you can use AI voice generators to create lifelike voiceovers suitable for videos and podcasts. 

Here at LOVO AI, our text to speech voiceover, Genny, provides over 600+ different voices in 100+ languages and expresses more than 25 different emotions.

You can use these realistic voices to create a time-synced voiceover for:

It’s a quick and easy way to build a connection with your audience and convey information about your products or brand.

Other benefits of LOVO AI

Our video production application allows you to edit videos and voiceovers in one place, streamlining the editing process and saving a heap of time. You save money too, by accessing realistic human-sounding voice to promote your business for a fraction of the usual cost.

Want to find out more? Then see Genny in action now.