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Nowadays, it feels like everyone is chasing a side hustle for an extra income stream, and many are finding their footing through content creation. But if the thought of vlogging or taking outfit photos gives you pause, maybe faceless content creation is the answer. 

A faceless side hustle is a strategy that’s proving to be a game-changer. If you’re looking to boost your earnings without using up all your free time, then this blog is for you!

Why Faceless Content Creation Is Great For Side Hustles

If you’re looking for a way to create content and make money — but don’t have all day to dedicate to the cause — faceless content creation could be exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s why:

  1. It Takes Less Time

Avoiding the need for personal appearances or elaborate setups can save you valuable time and money. Faceless content can be text-based, audio-based, or even utilize stock visuals that do not require you to physically be on-camera.

  1. You Can Set It Up On A Schedule 

With faceless content, creators can set their content to be released on a schedule so it keeps working for you in the background. This is especially true for side hustles like drop-shipping, Etsy stores, online courses, and ebooks.

  1. You Can Have Multiple People Working On It

Faceless content means that your output isn’t tied to your identity — realistically, anyone could be making it. Some YouTubers choose to share their face and personality in their videos, but that means they will always be responsible for 100% of the work. With faceless content, you can outsource creation, streamlining your process and saving time.

  1. You Maintain Privacy And Anonymity 

If you choose to keep your personal and professional lives separate, faceless content creation is a great choice if you want a side hustle. It’s also a great way to reduce self-consciousness when first starting because you can focus on your content rather than your appearance or presentation skills.

Plus, content creators can avoid potential online harassment, trolling, or negative comments about their appearance, beliefs, or lifestyle when they keep their identity private.

8 Faceless Content Side Hustles To Try Out

Here are just a few faceless content ideas you could turn into a side hustle. 

Faceless YouTube Channel

YouTube videos don’t have to include your face — you can provide commentary and use stock images or other visuals to hook your audience. You could create a YouTube channel where you provide voiceovers for various topics, narrate stories, or explain complex concepts using animations. Learn everything you need to know about setting up a faceless YouTube channel with our ultimate guide.

Instagram Theme Pages

Create an Instagram page that posts content around a specific niche like traveling, cross-stitching, hiking, DIY, or home decor. Chances are you’ve encountered plenty of accounts like this while scrolling Instagram. You can curate other content from creators (and credit them, of course) or create your own photos and videos to bulk out the page. Find out more about how to engage with audiences with Instagram reels here.

Sell Digital Products On Etsy

Selling digital products is a great way to maintain a passive income. All it takes is a little work creating the products and setting up your store, and then you can watch the sales come in. You can make templates for planners, budgets, and business cards and sell them as digital downloads on sites like Etsy. If you’re crafty, digital art and printables also do a roaring trade. 

Faceless TikTok Channel

This is the same idea as a faceless YouTube channel, but the videos are vertical and shorter! Here, explainer videos and stories reign supreme. You could pick from several niches, such as travel tips, product reviews, cooking videos—you name it, and there’s a niche for it on TikTok. Use our helpful step-by-step guide on how to add voiceovers to TikTok to make the process of creating TikTok content even easier!


The term “dropshipping” is often used when discussing digital side hustles. Essentially, you sell a product online through an e-commerce store, and that product is shipped directly to your customers. This means you don’t need to keep any inventory or ship things yourself, making things a lot easier and stress-free. Though you’ll need to promote your store, you can manage the marketing without needing to appear in product photos or videos.

Digital Courses And Ebooks

If you’re really knowledgeable in a certain field and keen to share your wisdom with the world, you could create a series of digital courses or ebooks that people can purchase and download. You can explore plenty of niches like social media tips, fitness routines, meal prep guides, and how-to guides for Excel… the list is truly endless. Once all your materials are ready, you can share and sell them on sites like Udemy, Teachable, Amazon Kindle, or even through your own website. 

Freelance Writing

If you’ve got a way with words, you can offer your writing skills to websites, blogs, and businesses. Many freelance writers work behind the scenes, writing articles or marketing materials under an anonymous byline.


Start a podcast where you discuss your area of expertise, share interesting stories or interview guests. Just think of a topic that you’re passionate or knowledgeable about, preferably something you can discuss at length for multiple episodes.  Podcasting is an audio-based medium, so you can maintain anonymity if you prefer not to show your face and promote it on social media using stock images, faceless imagery, or animation.

Make Your Faceless Side Hustle A Breeze With Genny

If you’re embarking on a journey to start a faceless side hustle, you don’t have to do it all alone. 

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  • Generate images for posts or videos, saving you from creating or sourcing your own.
  • Let’s you add your video and audio tracks together to add the finishing touches to your content. With its powerful online video editor, Genny can generate voices, add subtitles to boost engagement, and edit videos, making the process easy for beginners.

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