Digital learning has become an enormous business, projected to reach $848bn annually by 2030. It is easy to see why it is so popular, as online courses and virtual classrooms have made education globally accessible. While individuals are improving their skills independently, businesses have also seen the value of corporate e-learning in aiding employee development. 

While there is a whole host of tools to have in your arsenal for successful corporate learning and development, one of the most valuable is AI text to speech. AI text to speech can turn boring material into engaging content, helping team members learn more efficiently. In this post, we’ll cover four ways text to speech can improve the quality of your corporate e-learning materials.

How Accurate Is the Pronunciation of AI-Generated Voiceovers?

The best text to speech software, like Genny from LOVO, offers powerful tools that produce realistic voiceovers for e-learning content. Gone are the days of the monotonous computer voices. With cloned AI voices, your audio content sounds just like a human speaking, with intonation and emotion included.

Using an advanced AI voice studio allows you to choose from a wide range of human-like voices. LOVO has 500 different voices pre-programmed in over 100 languages. If you decide to use the AI voice cloning tool, the number of AI voices you can use is limitless. 

4 Ways AI Text to Speech Can Support Corporate E-Learning

Narration is crucial when designing the content for your corporate online training programs. Whether your content is delivered as text, animated videos, or a combination of the two, adding narration makes it more accessible for learners. Voiceovers allow people to consume content while they’re on the go, multitasking, or unable to read for any reason. 

Here is a detailed breakdown of the top four reasons to incorporate text to speech into your corporate training content.

1. Reduced Costs

Traditionally, the downside of producing voiceovers was the expense of hiring a voice actor. When you are designing a complete e-learning course, there is a lot of content that needs to be narrated. Professional voice actors tend to charge high hourly rates and your bottom line adds up when you consider all of the narration required. 

Add to that the time it takes to find the right voice actor, record the audio, and finalize it in post-production, and you are looking at large time and financial costs. 

Using AI voices to narrate your content allows you to streamline production at a fraction of the cost. You no longer need to spend time finding and auditioning people for the job. AI voices are available on demand, and you don’t have any additional costs if you find errors during post-production.

2. Simplified Updates in E-Learning Programs

During the development process of a virtual learning course, you will likely want to make changes during post-production. This is no different when you are producing corporate education content. You can plan carefully, but unforeseen factors will always arise that will require slight adjustments.

If you need to make changes, using AI voices makes editing content simple and efficient. You don’t need to contact your voice actor, check their availability, and then wait for them to record the changes. You simply change the text input, download the file, and replace the old file with your new one. 

This simplicity also allows you to keep content up-to-date. If you are in a business where industry-wide legislation or internal company policies change quickly, you want an e-learning course that can evolve just as fast. AI allows you to update your e-learning programs easily and efficiently to keep up with new rules and regulations, ensuring your employees are always up to speed. 

3. Improved Accessibility in Online Training Programs

One of the main benefits of online education is that it is accessible to almost everyone worldwide. This creates opportunities for individuals who previously didn’t have access to educational materials. It also means that global companies can provide the same level of training to all their employees, regardless of location.

LOVO’s AI voice tools are available in over 100 languages. With LOVO, companies can localize their corporate training materials across their global workforce. When employees join an online training session, knowing they can learn in their native language will give them confidence and help them engage more successfully with the material.

Using realistic-sounding voiceovers also improves accessibility for visually impaired employees or for employees who need audio-based learning. A clear and engaging voiceover ensures the content is equally accessible to all employees.

4. Enhanced Engagement in Corporate Training

Ensuring your content is engaging should be a top priority, regardless of its purpose. This is particularly important for online training courses where content is frequently compulsory rather than voluntary. Keeping your staff engaged while learning will help them absorb and recall the information more easily.

To create engaging content, you first need to plan an exciting script. You then need to have the script delivered in a naturally enthusiastic manner. AI text to speech tools offer voices that can speak with realistic intonation and emotion. These lively voices help to keep learners focused on the content without getting distracted.

The diverse range of voices offered by AI text to speech tools creates another opportunity for e-learning content creators. You can easily create dialogues between multiple characters or have different male and female characters represented in different scenarios, all of which further adds to the variation in delivery. Hiring numerous professionals to fill these roles would be extremely costly, but with AI voices, all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse.

How AI Text to Speech Can Improve the Learning Experience

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