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Using voiceovers is one of the best ways to engage your viewers on TikTok.

As most creators will know, storytelling is the key to viral success on TikTok. Voiceovers allow TikTokers to craft the perfect story, hooking viewers in right from the first few seconds, maintaining their interest throughout the video. This drives them to take action at the end — whether it’s a follow, a purchase, etc. 

Voiceovers can be recorded, or they can be generated through text-to-speech (TTS). If you’re unsure what text-to-speech is, it’s essentially an automated voiceover that reads out the text or captions you’ve added to videos. 

Text-to-speech saves creators from recording voiceovers themselves — whether they don’t have the time, the budget for fancy recording equipment, or perhaps they’d rather remain anonymous! 

There are a couple of different ways to use text-to-speech in your TikTok videos — keep reading because we’re about to tell you how. We’ll also share some text-to-speech voiceover tips to further enhance your TikToks and increase engagement.

Let’s get into it! 

How To Add Voiceovers To TikTok Videos

There are a couple of different ways to add a text-to-speech voiceover to a TikTok video.

Use TikTok’s Built-In Text-To-Speech Tool

If you’re active on TikTok, then you’ll be familiar with the “Siri” AI voice that many content creators use. 

This voice is part of TikTok’s built-in text-to-speech feature that converts the text you write directly onto your TikToks, into a slightly robotic-sounding voice. 

TikTok’s in-app text-to-speech tool is a great place to get started when experimenting with voiceovers, though their bank of voices is still somewhat limited compared to other voiceover generators. 

Here’s a step-by-step on how to use text-to-speech on TikTok:

  1. Record or upload your TikTok video and click the “check” button ().
  2. Tap the text button (Aa) and type out your caption, then hit “Done”.
  3. Tap the text you’ve written and select “Text-to-speech.”
  4. Select a voice that matches the context of your video. They have characters like Santa, humorous voices, narrators, sports commentators, voices that suit beauty or wellness videos, and even some singing voices. Then hit “Done.”
  5. You can use one long piece of text or create several shorter pieces of text throughout the video, depending on your preference. If you have multiple pieces of text, you can click “apply to all text in this video” to save time and use the same voice settings for all captions. 
  6. If you’d like to change the voice, tap on the text and click “Change voice.”
  7. Upload your TikTok!

Use A TikTok Voice Over Generator

As we mentioned above, the voices on TikTok’s voiceover generator can be limited. So if you’re looking for a bit more voice variety or greater control over the voiceovers in your TikToks, then you’ve come to the right place. 

You can use a TikTok voice generator online for a much greater range of AI voices and editing tools, which will help your video stand out on the For You Page and capture viewers’ attention. 

Make sure that you check out our list of the Most Popular AI Voiceover Apps For TikTok to find the one that’s right for you!

Here’s how to use LOVO AI’s Genny to create a voiceover for a TikTok video:

  1. Type in what you’d like the voice to say, or paste your prepared script.
  2. Play around with different voices — Genny had more than 600 to choose from — until you find the perfect one.
  3. Pick an emotion to suit the context of the video — your voiceover can sound angry, sad, happy, drunk, or more!
  4. Tweak the pronunciation, tone, word emphasis, and speed.
  5. Upload your video to overlay your voiceover. 
  6. Make any further adjustments that you want with Genny’s third-party resources.
  7. Click “Generate” on an individual text block or click “Select all” and then “Generate” to generate all of your text at once. 
  8. It’s now ready to render!

Text-To-Speech Voiceover Tips

If you’re creating a TikTok voiceover, here are some tips to help you maximize its performance. 

Select the right voice for each video

Depending on the type of video that you’re creating, you may want to use different kinds of voices. For example, some voices may be better suited for educational videos or tutorials, while others are perceived as being more funny or humorous. 

Equally, using an unexpected voice in your video might help capture your audience’s attention. It’s all about trial and error!

Customize the voice based on the context of your video

If you’re using TikTok’s in-app text-to-speech feature, then you won’t have much control over the voice you’re using. On the other hand, Using a TikTok AI voice generator app, means that you can experiment with:

  • Emotion
  • Tone
  • Speed
  • Pronunciation
  • Pauses
  • Sound effects

Keep track of your TikTok performance

Once you’ve put out a few different TikToks with different kinds of voiceovers and AI voices, you can track which ones do well and which voices your audience responds to best. 

Then you can replicate those top-performing videos, using the voices that resonate with your audience. Your audience will start to become more familiar with the voices that you’re choosing and associate them with your page or brand. 

Now watch those engagement metrics soar!

Transform your TikTok voiceovers

Now that you know why you should use and how to add voiceovers to TikTok, how to produce them using the best apps, and how to nail your voiceovers, it’s time to get started. 

LOVO AI’s text-to-speech tool Genny has more than 600 realistic AI voices ready for you to try. 

Creators that use Genny save up to 90% of their time and budget, so what are you waiting for?

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