We are so excited to celebrate our G2 awards to wrap up the year! In our first year of launching Genny, we have achieved some amazing milestones that we could only have dreamed of at the start of 2023.

Our highlights include:

  • Reaching over 1,000,000 users
  • Launching our AI tools – AI Writer and AI Artist
  • Releasing Genny Teams to help increase productivity
  • Unveiling our new engaging Auto Subtitles feature
  • Achieving multiple G2 awards given to us by our users!

G2 Winter 2024 Awards

The G2 Winter 2024 report was just released, and it was exciting to achieve multiple awards entirely based on our users’ incredible support through their G2 reviews. 

Quote from G2 review site that talks about how useful LOVO is for their business.
Quote from G2 review site that talks about how useful LOVO is for their business.

Our badges include:

  • High Performer Mid-Market Text to Speech
  • High Performer Mid-Market Synthetic Media
  • Easiest Setup Mid-Market Synthetic Media
  • Easiest To Use Mid-Market Synthetic Media
  • Easiest To Do Business With Mid-Market Synthetic Media
  • Easiest Setup Content Creation

We are proud of all the badges we have achieved this quarter, but in particular, there are a few that we were very excited to receive. 

High Performer G2 Awards

We were given these awards for achieving high scores in our G2 reviews across all markets (Small Business, Mid-Market, and Enterprise.) These awards mean a lot to us because they highlight the hard work and achievements we have been focusing on over the last few months. 

Image showing nine g2 badges awarded to LOVO for high performer in content creation, video editing, and text to speech.

Text to Speech

LOVO received a high satisfaction score, with 95% of users rating us 4 or 5 stars. 100% of our users believe we are headed in the right direction, and our highest-rated features are text to speech, accents, and voice cloning features – all scoring above the average for each category. 

 Content Creation

Content Creation was our highest satisfaction score, with 96% of users rating us 4 or 5 stars. With the launch of our AI Writer and AI Artist tools, we are focusing on being a one-stop content creation platform. So, we are thrilled to see that content creation tools is one of our highest-rated features for this category. 

Video Editing

Through engagement and feedback with our LOVO community, we have worked on our online video editor features to become an all-in-one platform. So, we were really proud to achieve a high satisfaction score, with 89% of users likely to recommend us. This award was a huge achievement for us! It has spurred us on for all the video editing features planned for 2024!

What is G2, and how does LOVO earn these awards?

G2 is one of the world’s largest tech review and marketplace sites. Each review is moderated and approved by G2, which is why it is one of the most trusted sites around.

LOVO earns these G2 reviews entirely through our amazing users. They tell us we are moving in the right direction toward our goal of empowering everyone to create great content!

Tell us how we are doing

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