Intro excerpt narrated by AI voice Sophia

Using real human voices in marketing is essential –– it creates a more engaging and authentic experience for the audience. With the right tone and intonation, a voice can convey emotions and create a personal connection with the listener, which is especially important for businesses looking to build trust and credibility.

That being said, creating realistic voices can be a costly and time-consuming process. It may involve hiring professional voice actors, recording and editing sessions, and post-production work. It’s tricky for businesses with limited budgets and resources to achieve their desired quality.

Enter AI and realistic voice generators. These tools use advanced machine learning algorithms to generate voices that sound so human that you couldn’t pick them out of a lineup. Better still, they allow businesses to create high-quality audio content quickly and efficiently, without having to splurge on expensive equipment or professional voice actors.

Here are the most realistic voice generators on the market right now. 


It’s truly impossible to tell the difference between a real human voice and LOVO AI’s Genny –– no other platforms come close. With over 600 voices and dozens of emotions on offer, Genny is the next generation of text to speech.

Choose a language, voice, and emotion, and watch your script transform into a realistic, human-sounding voiceover in seconds. LOVO AI gives marketers who are short on time a premium voiceover result, with a lower budget to boot.

For the perfectionists among us, LOVO AI’s Genny is a godsend, providing control over every word down. Users can add emphasis to certain words, adjust the speed, and insert pauses at word and sentence level.

Once generated, the voiceover is ready to download in a high-quality, uncompressed raw file which can be applied to a number of projects, from social media to corporate training

Give LOVO a try yourself! You can sign up for a free trial and test out the voices and features. is a realistic voice generator that allows users to convert text into a natural-sounding voiceover, which can be downloaded as MP3 or WAV audio files. Whether you’re creating a YouTube video, making an article accessible with an audio recording, or producing training materials, can help speed up the process.

The main benefit of is the ever-growing library of human-like AI voices: choose from over 900 natural-sounding AI-generated voices in 142 languages, all powered by machine learning technology. The software uses real human voices sourced from IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, which inform their library of AI voices. 

After generating a voiceover, you can alter how specific words are pronounced within the software, then save and re-use those pronunciations for future projects. Users can also enhance audio with SSML tags.

One of the most popular voice generators on the market, Murf is on a mission to create realistic voiceovers that sound far removed from the robot voices that we’ve long associated with AI. It’s a simpler software than others on the market, with only 20 different languages and a handful of accents. Users can still edit the pitch, cadence, and pronunciation of the voiceover, though. 

With Murf, users can also sync images, videos, and presentations to their voiceovers without needing to introduce a third-party tool. There’s no size limit on projects either: each text block can be up to 1000 characters, and you can keep adding as many blocks as you like.

More than two million minutes of audio is produced per month on Resemble, for companies like Netflix and Boingo, so you can be sure that the software is tried and tested.

Resemble’s text to voice generator creates realistic human voiceovers in seconds, with a wide selection of emotions to add warmth and credibility. Increase reach with Resemble’s language options which allow users to convert scripts into over 50 languages without needing any extra data.

A unique feature of Resemble is the ability to take your own voice recordings and use them to inform your generated AI speech. Once the voiceover is generated, listen through and replace, add, or remove any speech in just a few clicks.


Last but not least, Speechify is a low-cost realistic voiceover generator used by students, marketers, educators, and everyone in between. The simple interface makes it an easy-to-use tool for both professionals and amateurs. 

Though it may not have the bells and whistles of other popular text to speech programs, the web-based platform offers 200 lifelike voices in over 20 languages and allows users access to granular edits on pitch, tone, and speed. It also aims to provide users with a streamlined and simple experience, offering Chrome and Safari extensions that allow you to convert text with the click of a button. The effort required by users is minimal – the software can identify more than 15 different languages when processing text. 

Speechify isn’t just for copying and pasting text, either: it can seamlessly convert scanned printed text into clearly audible audio.

What is the most realistic voice generator?

With so many to choose from, it can be tough to determine which text to speech tool is best for your business. The most essential thing is to ensure you’re using a tool that produces a realistic voiceover with emotion. No one is going to listen to a robot telling them what to do or how to feel. 

LOVO AI’s text to speech tool, Genny, is far and away the most realistic and human-like AI voice generator on the market. It has a robust catalog of 600+ voices in 100+ languages and accents, with almost 30 emotions and styles. Is your character excited? Educational? Apprehensive? Drunk? Or a combination of things? All of these can be achieved in minutes with LOVO AI’s tool. Start now for free!