A good AI Voice Generator & Text-to-speech (TTS) tool should provide you with a variety of high-quality voices, a tray full of extra features, easy-to-use UI, and a pricing model that won’t burn a hole in your bank account or get your finance team on your case.

Including those that are simply syphoning voices from others, there are over two dozen services vying for the throne. In this blog, I’m going to pit Murf.AI and Play.ht head-on, and for those who don’t like the two-way competition, introduce a third challenger.

What Is Murf.AI?

Founded in late 2020, Murf.AI is a relative newcomer that provides human-like voiceovers for videos and slideshows, focusing on content creation.

What Is Play.ht?

Play.ht started as a chrome extension for listening to Medium articles in 2016, and has broadened its spectrum since to cover text to speech as a whole.

Murf.AI vs. Play.ht, Play.ht vs. Murf.AI: What Should You Consider?

Before you even dive into the specific differences between the two, you need to create a list for yourself:

  • What is your goal?
  • What type of content are you trying to make?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want something simple or more professional?
  • What are some must-have features you absolutely need?
  • What are your requirements (i.e.; support)?

Keep the answers to the above questions in your head as you read through, and you’ll be able to figure out which one suits your needs and taste more.

Key Features Comparison: Murf.AI vs. Play.ht

You can tell that Murf.AI has more features for general content creation, such as video editing and background music.

Play.ht, on the other hand, has many more voices and languages, with an option to choose different styles/emotions. They don’t have an option to create or download videos, and are more focused on audio-content like podcast or turning WordPress blogs into audio-blogs.



Murf.AI’s prices can be as low as $29/mo, and go all the way to $3,540/yr or more.


Play.ht users can expect as low as $19/mo or as high as $594/yr.

So, What Is a Good Play.ht and Murf.AI Alternative?

Both Play.ht and Murf.AI are viable options for AI voiceover. But as with any Text to Speech platform out there, it doesn’t check the boxes on everything – so let’s take a look at the third contender, Genny.

What Is Genny?

Genny announced its entrance into the field of content generation powered by generative AI and synthetic speech technologies in January of 2023. Its name comes from “Gen”erative “AI”. While the platform itself is new, the team behind it isn’t: LOVO has been in the synthetic speech industry since 2018, serving 300,000+ users in over 40 countries, ranging from individual YouTubers to marketing and HR teams at Fortune 500 companies.

Unlike some other basic TTS products, Genny provides both breadth and depth in terms of content creation: from video editing, background music, and sound effects to 400+ voices in 100+ languages that can produce speeches in 25 different emotions and styles.

Key Features Comparison: Murf.AI vs. Play.ht vs. Genny

Genny Pricing

Genny provides a simple pricing – you just need to decide how many hours of voice generation you want per month, and whether to pay on a monthly basis or yearly basis.

But no TTS tool is yet perfect, nor is there a one-size fits all solution. So, it’s imperative that you pay attention to which factors fit your needs, and which factors you can wait on as Genny continues to add more features down the road. Hopefully you’ve kept the questions and answers from the beginning in the back of your head as you finished this guide. If still unsure, check out these guides as well.

So what are your thoughts? Go ahead and create a free account for Genny yourself – no credit card required!