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You’ve probably already heard rumblings about AI voice generators and how they can help grow a business. In fact, many marketers and creatives have turned to AI to help produce everything from social media audio to video voiceovers — but did you know that AI audio generators can be leveraged to create audiobooks? 

Here’s everything you need to know about AI audiobook narration.

What Is An Audiobook And Why Are They So Popular?

An audiobook is simply a recorded version of a book that is narrated aloud and made available in an audio format –– allowing people to listen to books rather than read them. 

Because the demand for audiobooks is steadily rising among consumers (audiobooks are the fastest-growing format in book publishing, with publishers seeing a 12% increase in revenue from audiobooks), creating an audiobook for your business is a no-brainer! Increase revenue stream, expand to reach new audiences who favor audio formats, extend your brand, and give yourself a competitive edge in a crowded market.

Audiobooks also have the potential to reach global audiences without the limitations of language barriers. By translating and producing audiobooks in different languages, businesses can expand their reach to international markets and attract a broader customer base.

How To Make An Audiobook

To make a high-quality audiobook that people actually want to listen to, you can’t just sit down at your desk and use the voice memo app on your phone. It’s an involved process:

  1. Find an audiobook narrator whose work matches the tone you’re looking for while also fitting into your budget. 
  2. Locate recording equipment or rent time in a professional recording booth.
  3. Set up recording sessions where your narrator reads the book –– the files need to be recorded and mastered by a sound engineer. 
  4. Edit the finished files, compress them into a single file, and distribute via the platforms of your choosing.

Though the steps aren’t long, you’ll see that it can be a fairly time-consuming and expensive undertaking. Yes, the return may be worth it… but there is a better option!

Using an AI audio generator to create an audiobook is faster, easier, and, best of all — cheaper.

Rather than using your own voice or paying a hired actor, why not turn to a powerful AI audiobook narration tool? Automate the entire audiobook creation process – all you need is a text version of the manuscript, and the software will do the rest. 

AI tools have progressed to the point where many of them are indistinguishable from human voices. Here are some stellar options to explore.

6 AI Audio Generators For AI Audiobook Narration


With 600 different voices in over a hundred languages, LOVO’s AI voice generator platform, Genny is one of the best on the market. Choose from a range of emotions and play with pitch control to create a natural listening experience for your audience. Use more than one voice to build out the experience with multiple characters.

Simply upload your text into the online editor, find the voices you want to use, add any additional audio or sound effects, hit generate, and you’re done! From just $19 a month, there’s no better way to do it. 

Create an entire AI-generated audiobook in just ten minutes with this tool. Plug in your text, choose from their 140+ voices in 43 languages, revise and make any necessary edits, then download your final product. 

This tool also offers a white-glove service where they’ll edit and proofread your book on top of generating the AI-powered narration.

AI-generated audio doesn’t have to be boring, which is what is out to prove. This tool simplifies the whole process while still creating captivating and engaging audio with AI voices. Murf offers 130+ voices across 20+ languages and accents.

Use their editor to tweak features like pitch, pause, emphasis, and pronunciation based on your audience — a book for business students will sound different from a children’s book, for example.


Speechify makes it easier to consume web pages, PDFs, and ebooks, but there’s no reason that businesses can’t use the tool to create their own audiobooks. 

It’s a very easy tool to use. However, it lacks the customization that comes with other tools.

A simple and fun-looking tool, this is a great way to ease yourself into the world of AI audiobook narration. Once you’ve added a script and chosen your character voice, you can get into the nitty-gritty of it all –– tweak elements such as emotion, speech pace, pauses, intonation, tempo, and pitch. 


This online AI-powered audio generator lets you choose from over 600 voices, ensuring you’ll find the perfect tone for your audiobook. It only takes a few clicks! 

While this software does lack the fine-tuning options that others on this list give you, it’s a simple way to create a first draft. 

Ai Audiobook Narration With LOVO

Audiobook creation with LOVO is easy and quick. Just follow these steps.

  1. Sign in, or sign up for an account – you can join for free for 14 days.
  2. Copy and paste your audiobook script into Genny’s online text editor.
  3. Select the AI voice that fits your audiobook script (you can click on the play button on their profile picture to sample the AI voice before committing).
  4. Add any of your own audio or sound effects by clicking the (+) button.
  5. Select all your text blocks, click on the “Generate” icon, and you’re ready to render!

You can then upload your audiobook directly to your YouTube channel or use platforms such as Amazon or Audible to submit your books for listening. 

Try it for yourself today.