eLearning and online courses have revolutionized education and corporate training for good. Still, artificial intelligence (AI) is set to take the learning process even further. 

For course designers and educators, AI makes producing eLearning materials a much simpler, intuitive process, as well as one that yields better learning experiences, clearer insight into student preferences and abilities, and more accessible assessment opportunities. AI-powered eLearning tools also benefit learners by offering customized learning experiences and immediate feedback to help boost engagement and knowledge retention. 

Choosing the right eLearning authoring tool can make a huge difference for educators and learners. So, how do you pick? We’re here to help! 

Let’s learn how AI is shaking up eLearning and look at some of the best AI eLearning tools on the market. 

The Use of AI in eLearning

Here are just a few key ways AI is changing the eLearning industry.

Content Generation

AI technologies can automate learning content creation by quickly converting raw data into engaging course materials, including summaries, reports, quizzes, and videos.

Personalized Learning

By monitoring and adapting to learner behavior, eLearning AI tools can change course materials, instruction methods, support, and assessments in real time to better suit learner needs and preferences. 

Better Accessibility

eLearning AI makes education more accessible by offering support for learners with disabilities through automated closed captioning, transcription services, and more. AI-powered tools can also provide immediate translations so that learners from all over the world can access materials in their native language. 

Automated Assessment

The use of AI in eLearning can make the assessment process much smoother and faster for teachers with automated grading, class-wide statistical analysis, and feedback on knowledge gaps. AI-powered eLearning programs are also better at detecting plagiarism, making them invaluable for educators trying to spot possible cheating. 

7 of the Best AI eLearning Tools Right Now

Here are some of the best AI eLearning tools around:

1. Genny by LOVO AI

AI voiceovers, in particular, have transformed the eLearning landscape. While Genny by LOVO AI delivers various AI-powered eLearning solutions, its text-to-speech AI voice generator tool is invaluable for creating immersive educational materials. Using Genny’s human-like AI-generated voices, delivering engaging and effective lessons through videos, audio content, and more is easy. You can even use Genny’s voices to read out your lesson scripts and localize your training content into over 100 languages. 

The full Genny package also includes an AI writer, an online video editor, and an AI art generator, while teachers looking for a way to create personalized course content faster can even make a digital copy of their own voice with powerful voice cloning technology. 

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an excellent tool for eLearning thanks to its ability to generate instructional content, support learning through real-time conversation, and assess learner performance. Using generative AI, ChatGPT can help educators create step-by-step tutorials on any topic, summaries of long-form content for easier information retention, questions and quizzes to aid learning, and assessments to gauge learner performance. 

As a free and widely available eLearning tool, ChatGPT also helps individual learners research any subject independently or in addition to instructor-led courses.

3. Gradescope

Gradescope is an online grading tool that allows educators to administer and grade students’ assessments (including the option to grade anonymously) to give them a clear idea of their students’ progress. 

Both students and teachers can scan and upload assignments, quizzes, and worksheets of any length or format to the platform, regardless of whether they are typed or handwritten. Gradescope’s software then assesses the content based on rubrics to reveal insightful statistics about students’ progress and their level of comprehension.  

4. Cognii

Cognii offers a flexible suite of components for real-time tutoring and improved educational assessments. This enables students to achieve advanced educational outcomes through deeper learning, open-response assessments, and advanced teaching analytics. 

With Cognii’s virtual learning assistant (VLA), learners can also engage in chatbot-style learning conversations full of hints and tips for more thorough comprehension, faster problem resolution, and better knowledge retention. 

5. Carnegie Learning

This AI eLearning tool makes use of machine learning algorithms to offer high school and college level students a range of one-on-one interactive lessons and group activities. With real-time feedback from both teachers and the platform itself to guide students through subjects such as literacy, world languages, and math, it’s easy for learners to see where they excel and where they need to improve. 

6. Knewton Alta

Alta is an adaptive learning platform by Knewton that leverages AI technology to offer customized learning experiences by analyzing a student’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Focusing on STEM subjects such as math, chemistry, economics, and statistics, Alta gives instructors complete control over the content that students can access on the platform. This makes it easy for them to choose the learning outcomes for each course and ensure that the individual assignments and assessments students complete on the platform align with classwork and group discussion topics.  

7. Querium

Through its virtual tutoring program, StepWise, Querium uses AI to analyze the individual steps learners take to solve STEM problems, providing immediate feedback on what the learner is doing right and wrong. 

Rather than only focusing on the accuracy of a student’s answers, this eLearning solution helps them forge strong learning pathways and develop effective problem-solving skills, in turn, preventing them from relying on unreliable or incorrect learning methods. As well as saving educators a lot of time on corrections and tutoring, Querium gives instructors valuable insight into students’ learning habits. 

Put Your Learners On The Right Track With Genny

Genny by LOVO AI makes it simple to design eLearning courses that will keep your students engaged and motivated throughout. With a huge range of AI-powered tools for enhancing course materials, Genny allows you to create an immersive learning experience from start to finish.  

The possibilities are endless, whether you need to generate a training script, bring your course content to life with AI voices, or ensure optimal inclusivity with text-to-speech and translation. 
Try Genny for free today to find out more.