As our world becomes more interconnected, content localization is a priority for brands that want to give their customers the personalized user journeys they expect. 

AI translators offer a solution by using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to automatically translate text from one language to another. That said, the software you use can make a huge difference in preserving the original content’s meaning, context, and tone.

Here we discuss the benefits of machine translation and take a closer look at some of the best AI translators around. 

Why Should You Consider AI Language Translation?

AI translation tools have become much more reliable and accurate recently. With the development of neural machine translation (NMT) models, AI translators are far more adept at recognizing context and generating translations that are true to the source. 

As a result, more and more companies are turning to AI language translation as a fast and cost-effective solution. With the ability to process large volumes of text in seconds, businesses can save time and money without sacrificing quality. 

Another key advantage of AI translation tools is that they are highly scalable. This makes it easy for a company to expand its operations and deal with more languages while providing timely and accurate translations. 

Using machine translation is also a great way to experiment with reaching new markets beyond your native language. Once you invest in translation AI technology, you can see how global audiences respond to your brand without the need to engage teams of translators or make significant financial commitments. 

7 of the Top AI Translators Right Now

Advancements in artificial intelligence translation have made it easier than ever to get reliable results at a low cost. These tools fall into two main categories, AI text translator tools, and AI audio translator tools. Here are some of the best of both types of AI translators right now:

AI Audio Translator Tools

These AI translation tools help you translate existing audio into different languages. Here are some of the best available: 


LOVO’s AI voice generator Genny allows you to create human-like text-to-speech voiceovers in more than 100 languages. This makes Genny ideal for helping you reach new markets and audiences while saving your business time and resources. 

Combining an intuitive interface and an abundance of services and possibilities, LOVO AI offers a simple and cost-effective solution for creating localized content. With Genny, there’s no need to with multiple voiceover actors from all over the world. To ensure that your audio and video content resonates with a global audience, all you need to do is select your preferred language and voice and let Genny work its magic with your translated text!

Pricing: From $19 per month

2. Podcastle

Podcastle offers a host of AI-powered features, including an audio-to-text translation tool. Podcastle can help with AI-powered audio production and is great for podcasts, educational content, and more. Podcastle’s AI audio translation tool lets users upload an audio recording and hit translate. It then transcribes and translates the audio. Users can edit the text for any inaccuracies and then download the translated transcription when they’re done.

Pricing: Free with limited features, or you can access more features starting at $11.99 per month.


This AI translation solution provides live translations and closed captions for events and meetings in multiple languages. The focus of is to improve in-person and live remote communications with real-time translations in 25+ languages. 

Some key features of this AI translation tool include full integration with video conferencing platforms, natural-sounding voice translation, and subtitling services.

Pricing: Prices vary depending on the length of a session and the number of attendees present, but the lowest price is $150 per hour for up to 50 users.

AI Text Translator Tools

These AI translation tools leverage machine learning and AI to translate text from one language to another. Here are some of the top tools available:

1. Google Translate

This free online language translation service provided by Google uses machine learning algorithms and a translation AI model trained by native speakers to translate text, images, speech, and web pages between any two of the over 130 languages it supports.

As well as a basic understanding of text or speech in another language, Google Translate offers alternative translations and synonyms. It can even detect the language of the source text if unknown. However, the reliability of the translation can depend a lot on the complexity of the language and how similar or different the original and target languages are. There’s also no guarantee of the privacy or security of the content, which may be a concern for some users. 

Pricing: Free

2. DeepL

DeepL is a popular AI translator with a great reputation for accuracy and consistency across the 31 languages it translates. Offering seamless integration into Windows and iOS and an easy-to-use interface, this translation tool also allows you to maintain control over the automatic translation process and retain the original document’s formatting. 

Pricing: From $8.74 per month 

3. ChatGPT

Although the AI chatbot wasn’t purpose-built for translation, ChatGPT is rapidly emerging as a reliable and highly flexible translation tool.

An advantage that ChatGPT has over almost all popular AI translators is that it’s interactive. With ChatGPT, rather than having to make do with whatever translation result you get, you can adjust your prompts to tailor various aspects of the translation, including word choice, tone, context, and regional differences, to meet your specific requirements. 

As with Google Translate, one area of concern for some users might be that ChatGPT offers no guarantee of security or privacy for your translated content. 

Pricing: Free. Or, if you want to upgrade to OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, their ChatGPT Plus plan costs $20 per month.

4. Bing Microsoft Translator

As with Google Translate and ChatGPT, Bing Microsoft Translator is a cloud service, making it potentially unsuitable for brands intent on protecting the privacy of their translated content. For users without this concern, this AI translation software offers translations in more than 100 languages and the possibility of translating from images, links, and even real-time speech. 

Pricing: Free

Reach more global audiences with Genny

The best AI translators allow you to reach new markets and connect to your audience on a global scale. But only Genny by LOVO AI can speak to every one of your customers in a language they can understand. Try Genny for free and let LOVO AI help you expand your reach through localized content today.