With spooky season well and truly here, it’s the perfect time to add a dose of Halloween-themed fun to your marketing campaigns, social media content, YouTube videos, and more. And what better way to give your audience the right kind of fright than with creepy AI voices?!

LOVO AI specializes in providing high-quality, human-like AI voices. That said, with Halloween just around the corner, our creepy voice generator is exactly what you need to generate a spooky voice that sounds anything but human…Mwahahaha!  

From creepy Halloween characters to deep and haunting human voices, LOVO AI offers a wide selection of terrifying AI voices to suit your needs. Check out this list of the best creepy AI voices to create the kind of spooky content that your audience is sure to love!

Halloween-Specific Creepy Voices

Looking for a voice that sends a shiver down their spine this Halloween? If so, LOVO AI has a great selection of extra-creepy AI voices. These fantasy creatures are ideal for entertainment purposes, whether that includes narrating a scary audiobook, introducing a spooky YouTube video, or commenting on a prank Halloween post.

To see for yourself just how scary your content can get, all you need to do is sign up for a free account with Genny, the LOVO AI voice generator. It’s then easy to create a new project and have one of these Halloween-inspired creepy voices read out this terrifying text:

I stand and watch you all night, lingering in the deepest corners of your mind. The shadows you fear? They’re me. Every nightmare, every shiver… it’s always been me. Sleep and I’ll show you what true terror feels like.

Trust us, find the right voice to read out these blood-curdling words and you’ll soon see just how scary an AI voice can be. 

Cunning Goblin

LOVO AI Voice Cunning Goblin – a truly creepy voice!

If the raspy, haunting voice of LOVO AI’s Cunning Goblin doesn’t give you the creeps, we’re not sure what will. With a tone that’s designed to strike fear into the hearts of all, this ghoulish goblin voice is perfect for getting your audience into the spirit of Halloween. 

As you’ll see if you compare the Cunning Goblin voice to other creepy voices, this particular creature has a slightly faster pace of talking. At regular speed, this creates an urgency that compels you to listen to the goblin’s menacing words, while speeding up the voice emphasizes his urgent tone even further. Slow down the goblin’s voice, however, and you’ll likely find whatever creepy message he has to say extra threatening.

Villanous Beast

LOVO AI Voice Villanous Beast – a voice that gives you goosebumps!

The Villanous Beast takes things to a whole new level of creepy with his gruff voice. While this creature could make even a nursery rhyme sound eerie, our advice is to get the beast to read out a seriously spooky script generated by LOVO AI’s amazing  AI writer tool. We guarantee that everyone will be squirming in their seats!

The Villanous Beast’s normal talking pace is quite slow with plenty of pauses to keep your audience on their toes. Speeding up the voice a little helps create tension and gets your message across faster. In contrast, slowing things down only heightens the deep and devilish tone of this creepy AI voice. 

Evergreen Creepy AI Voices

If your content requires an AI voice that’s creepy without being overly theatrical, LOVO AI also has a range of unique, human-like voices that can work well for instilling fear in your audience whether it’s spooky season or not. 

Bryan Lee Junior

LOVO AI Voice Bryan Lee Junior – a terrifying calmness…

Bryan is one of LOVO AI’s most popular male voices thanks to his mature, warm speaking tone and slow pace with plenty of natural pauses for added conviction. Transmitting charm and depth of character with every word, Bryan’s voice is perfect for everything from marketing to audiobooks. But, give Bryan something spooky to say and his deep voice suddenly becomes deeply terrifying.  

Gary Inskeep

LOVO AI Voice Gary Inskeep – the creepiest voice of them all!

Reminiscent of the character Jigsaw from the Saw movies, Gary’s voice is rough and slightly distorted, making it ideal for bringing your creepy content to life—and scaring your audience to death! 

Again, for extra creepiness, Gary’s regular talking speed is slow and exaggerated with plenty of atmospheric pauses. Speeding up his voice gives a desperate quality to his words to ensure that your audience won’t be able to ignore what he has to say. Or, if you slow things down, you’ll see how this makes his creepy messages sound even more ominous.   

Make Your Own Creepy AI Voice

With Genny by LOVO AI at your fingertips, you can also create your own spooky custom voices. This state-of-the-art technology allows you to turn your best Freddie Krueger impression or ghoulish ghost voice into a text to speech model to use as part of your spooky season content. 

All you need to do is clone your voice or another person of your choice speaking in a scary-sounding voice. You can then edit the emphasis and pauses in post-production to achieve a creepy AI voice that’s completely unique to you and your content. This option could be useful if you wanted your spooky content to feature the voice of a wicked witch or another female character, or if you had something specific in mind beyond the AI voice options available in Genny’s cast of creepy characters. 

Whether you plan on making a Halloween-related social media post, a spooky podcast edition, or something even creepier, it’s important to remember that the perfect voice can make all the difference in how much of an impact your content has. While this is true all year round, the popularity of spooky season makes it an even more competitive time of year for businesses and influencers alike, so it’s worth spending some time getting your creepy voice just right.   

Luckily, Genny by LOVO AI makes it a breeze to craft the perfect video and voice content to help you deliver your message in an original way. Whether you prefer to use an AI voice or a custom voice, you can explore all your possible options for creating creepy content by signing up for a free 14-day trial with LOVO AI today.