Just as there are many reasons why you might be using Discord, there are several reasons why you may want to use a voice changer for Discord. Whether you are playing an online game and want to add additional entertainment for your fellow players or you want to keep your voice anonymous during a call, an AI voice changer can be the ideal solution. 

Whatever your reason for using a voice changer on Discord, there are some features your AI voice software needs to have.

A woman with headphones and a mic gaming on DIscord with a voice changer.

What Features Do You Need in a Voice Changer for Discord?

These key features will ensure you get the most out of your AI voice on Discord. The necessities are broken down into two broad categories that we will look at now.

A Wide Range of Sound Effects and Voice Changing Features

The first feature that you need is real-time voice changing. Without this fundamental capability, you cannot speak into your input device and have an AI voice generated immediately as the output. 

If you don’t want to use your voice as the input, you can use an AI voice tool that allows for text-to-speech (TTS). This standard feature, which comes with all custom voice tools, lets you type in what you want to say rather than saying it aloud. This is a good option if you don’t have an audio input device like a microphone, have a speech impediment, or simply prefer typing over speaking.

Once you have determined your input method, you can look at more optional features that will improve your experience and add to the entertainment factor:

  1. Range of Voice Options: The first thing to consider is the variety of voice options. You want to ensure you have enough realistic-sounding voice options. You may also consider if your chosen software has a library of celebrity voices that you can use. 
  2. Scope of Voice Manipulation: Consider the ways your chosen app can manipulate your voice without changing it into someone else’s entirely. These voice effects could be changing a male to a female voice or using other advanced customizations to change your voice output’s pitch, tone, and speed. 
  3. Sound Effects: The final feature to consider is sound effects. Does your chosen AI voice changer offer a built-in soundboard to add sound effects and clips to your Discord chats? This can be a fun way to improve interactions inside your Discord groups.

A Compatible Real-Time Voice Changer With Great Sound Quality

When you have found a voice changer with all the features you want, you have to ensure that it is fully compatible with both Discord and your operating system. If it’s not, you may not have access to all of its features. The requirements may vary if you want a Discord voice changer for PC, Mac, Chromebook, or mobile. 

You may also want to consider how much CPU usage is required by your chosen voice changer. If your hardware isn’t built for heavy usage, you may experience higher latency, creating a frustrating user experience. 

Top 3 Voice Changer Software for Discord in 2024

Given everything we’ve covered, here are three voice changer apps you should consider using for Discord in 2024.

1. LOVO: An Award-Winning AI Voice Generator and TTS Software

LOVO is a popular voice changer because it combines a powerful real-time voice changer with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to change their voice on Discord. The platform offers several custom voice effects that allow you to produce a natural and realistic sound. You have complete control over your AI voice output’s speech, tone, and pitch.

LOVO also boasts an extensive library of over 500 voices in over 100 languages, so you can communicate worldwide in different languages. With this level of choice, it’s not hard to find the perfect voice. 

LOVO’s cutting-edge technology produces AI voices that are hyper-realistic because they use intonation and convey emotion, just as a human voice does. LOVO can also be used as TTS if you aren’t using your own voice for the input. You can even create your own custom voice and use it with the TTS generator.

These factors make LOVO a great choice for modifying your voice in real time on Discord. 

2. VoiceMod: A Versatile and Easy To Use Voice Changer

VoiceMod is also compatible with Discord and offers various voice filters and effects. This allows you to create a unique voice that fits your personality and the situation in which you are using it.

VoiceMod also offers a good user experience through features such as noise cancellation. It also has low latency, allowing for little delay between your real voice input and the AI voice output. 

When using VoiceMod, you also get an inbuilt soundboard. This makes it easy for you to play sound effects and clips during your discord chats.

3. Clownfish: A Free and Compatible Voice Changer

If you want a free voice changer for Discord, Clownfish is a good option, as they have free and paid tiers. The paid version of Clownfish includes a wide selection of voice effects, customizable voice effects, and noise cancellation. 

While the free version has limited features, it can be a good place to start if you are a beginner. You will receive limited voice effects and access to their soundboard. You also benefit from low latency in the free version but will see ads. 

Surprise Your Discord Group With the Perfect AI Voice

If you want to try a premium voice-changing service on Discord for free, you can start a free trial with LOVO today. You will join over 500,000 professionals and creators who love using LOVO’s AI content creation tools. Get started by choosing from over 500 unique voices or making a clone of your own voice, and explore the endless possibilities of AI voice changers.

A woman with headphones and a mic gaming on DIscord with a voice changer.