The Pause feature captures the intonations and variability of human speech.

To bring your voice generation to another level of authenticity, try using our Pause feature!

Step 1: Getting Started

Click the Pause icon on the left-hand panel.

Step 2: Adding Pauses

To put a Pause after a word, click a word and select the Pause duration.

To put a Pause after a sentence, click the last word of the sentence and select the Pause duration.

After you are done adding Pauses, click “Apply”.

Step 3: Generate!

Lastly, regenerate your voice block for updating the Pauses you added.

Pro Voices

Adding pauses using Pro Voices follows steps different from Rapid or Global Voices.

Here are the steps for creating a “Pause Effect” while using Pro voices:

Step 1

Split the text into separate voice boxes – hinging where you want to add the Pause.

Example: “I would like some apple sauce”

  • If you want to add a pause between “some” and “apple”, split the text into two different voice boxes “I would like some” and “apple sauce”.

Then, generate the voice boxes separately.

    Step 2

    Next, use the timeline editor to adjust the pause duration between the voice boxes.

    Tip: For finer control of moving the voice boxes, turn off the Snap Tool.

      Step 3

      Once you export your project, the pauses you added will be shown in effect!