Choosing the perfect Text to Speech voice for your content

In this section, we will explore how to choose the perfect text to speech voice for your content.

First, click the speaker icon to access the Voice Selection Panel.

LOVO Voices

Once the voice selection is open, you will see we have 3 different categories:

1. Pro Voice

These voices are our professional-grade voices that produce the best results for your projects. Pro voices are the most advanced and sophisticated voices, which we strongly recommend using for content being produced in English.

As they are our most advanced, a few of the voices are still going through testing, and you will notice a small pop-up to let you know that results may be inconsistent.

2. Rapid Voice

If you are a regular Genny user, you will notice that our Premium and Emotional voices have been upgraded and renamed under “Rapid Voice.” These voices provide high-quality AI-generated voices at lightning-fast speeds so you can create more content in less time!

Emotional voices are capable of showing up to 25 different emotions on demand. This is useful if you require voices to show a range of emotions (for projects such as audiobooks.)

These are great if you need a consistent character voice who needs to display multiple emotions. Our Rapid Voices offer the same high-quality professional-grade voices as before but can now generate at even faster speeds.

3. Global Voice

For projects that are not in English, we have a vast range of voices in different languages that cater to almost all your international needs. We have voices in over 100 languages, making it easy for you to produce content in multiple languages.

How To Filter Voices

You can filter by different categories such as gender, language, age, and use case.

There are five main use case categories.

  1. Marketing: These voices are perfect for creating marketing videos for your social media, youtube, or any other company communication channels.
  2. Education: If you are creating training videos or e-learning videos, these voices provide clear and accurate narrations for all types of educational content.
  3. Entertainment: These voices are quirky, funny, and have unique characters. Use these voices for games, animations, funny Youtube videos, and more!
  4. Audiobooks: For soothing and clear narrations, use voices specifically designed for audiobooks. These voices meet ACX requirements so that your book will be accepted by major audiobook sellers and distributors.

Listen to voice samples

Finally, you can listen to sample audios of the voices by clicking the profile picture of the voices. You can also bookmark the voice for easy discovery.

No matter what content you are producing, LOVO has got the perfect text to speech voice for you!