Sometimes the AI won’t say things the way you like. Like pronouncing your client’s brand name wrong 🫠.

Our AI is constantly improving and getting better at pronouncing words correctly, but you got a project due tomorrow – what should you do?

Well, you have two choices:

1. Spell the word out as it sounds directly in the voice box (this is typically the quickest and fastest way.)

2. Use our Pronunciation Editor

The Pronunciation Editor is designed for you to teach the AI how to pronounce a certain word for your project.

Pronunciation Hacks

Before we jump into using the Pronunciation Editor, let’s go through the first option that can help you get the right sound on the first try!

● Type out the word as it should sound. For example, “LOVO” sounds better if you spell it out as “Lovoe.”

● Use lowercase for all capital words. The AI tends to read all capitals as individual letters, so if we typed “LOVO,” the output would be ” L-O-V-O.”

If you are also using our instant subtitles as part of our project you can directly edit the subtitles to show the correct spelling and stylization.

Using The Pronunciation Editor

We have found that the Pronunciation Editor works best with our Rapid and Global voices. The Pro voices respond best using the hacks above.

Step 1
First, click on the “Pronunciation” icon on the top.

Step 2
Check that the correct language is selected – this is important because the word you correct will only correspond to the language selected. This also includes different English accents, so for example, if you saved a word in English – GB, the edited pronunciation will not be updated in English – US.

Step 3
Enter the source word. In our case, that’s “LOVO”.

Step 4
Next, enter the target word. That’s “Lovoe” for us.

Step 5
Press + button, and it’s done! 🎉

When you return to your project, you will notice that any voice blocks with the edited word will need to be regenerated, indicated by the red dot next to it.

From now on, any time you type “LOVO” it will be generated to “Lovoe,” when using the same language and accent.