Pro voices are magical. They produce near-human-level quality voices with natural inflections and filled with emotions that fit the context.

However, there are some pointers that you need to know in order to bring out the best performance from Pro voices. While Pro voices provide much higher performance than regular premium voices, they are still being developed and worked on, which can produce unusual results from time to time.

1. Pro voices work best in longer sentences.

Compared to shorter sentences, Pro voices work better with longer sentences. It also works better when there are multiple sentences in the same text block.

2. How to work around the awful “repetition” bug

The Pro voices sometimes have a glitch that makes it repeat phrases that are not in the script.

Here is what to do: Simply regenerate a few times. When you regenerate, the AI speaks in a slightly different style, and the repeated phrase should be gone. Regenerating with the same text will not cost you extra credits.

3. How to work around the “premature ending” bug

Sometimes you will notice that the audio generated cuts off prematurely, so that either the last consonant isn’t pronounced, or the resonance of the last word isn’t naturally long enough.

Here is what to do: Try adding a hyphen before the punctuation mark at the end. This tricks the AI into reading out the last word with more resonance at the end. Another method is to simply regenerate a few times. Regenerating with the same text will not cost you extra credits.

4. Regeneration is your friend

As we mentioned previously, the Pro voices produce slightly different results every time you regenerate. If you aren’t happy with what was produced, regenerate to hear a different result. You will get different variations of the same script WITHOUT using additional generation credits.