Using custom voices gives you the freedom to be able to create the exact voice you want for your content.

This is especially helpful for those who:

1. Want to use their own voice for their content without recording every time.

2. Create specific voices that are unique and the exact fit for their content (e.g., for a brand or character.)

3. Need a custom voice that is permanently available.

This guide will take you step-by-step through the process of creating your own custom voice.

Let’s get started! 🚀

Step 1 – Open The Voice Cloning Feature

Once you have opened a current or new project in Genny, click on the Voice Cloning feature located on the left-hand side of the window.

Next, click “Create a Voice Clone”

Step 2 – Upload/Record Your Voice

There are two options for creating your custom voice:

1. Upload a voice file.

2. Record your voice directly into Genny.

Both options require only one minute of voice data that has clear sound and is free from echoes and background noise.

Recording Tip: This might sound silly, but the best place to record your sound is in your closet (even if you can just fit your head and laptop/phone), as the clothes will act as soundproofing and absorb any background noise and echo. For more tips, read our blog on improving your custom voice!

Uploading a voice file

To upload a voice file, you can drag and drop or select a file to upload.

Once your file has loaded, hit “Create Voice”, and you’re done!

Recording your own audio

Recording your voice is really easy to do and involves a few simple steps! We recommend recording 4 different voice samples, each around 15 seconds long, for the best results.

1. Click on “Record my own audio”

2. You might see a pop-up asking you to allow access to your microphone – click “allow” so you can record directly to Genny.

3. Click “Record” and read out the sentence on the screen. You can click on the refresh button to generate a second sentence to make your recording last 15 seconds.

4. When you have completed all 4 recordings or reached over one minute of voice samples, the progress bar will turn red.

5. To delete any samples, simply click on the trash can icon and click “Confirm”, and then you can then record a new sample.

6. Once you have recorded all 4 samples, click “Create a Voice”, and in just a few seconds, your voice will be ready!

7. When your voice has been created, you have the option to preview your voice and recreate the voice. Once you are satisfied, go ahead and select “Use this voice” to save it to your library.

Step 3 – Saving Your Voice

After you have clicked “Use this voice”, you will then need to add details such as a profile photo, name, gender, accent, and style.

When this is all complete, click on “Add voice”

Step 4 – Selecting Your Voice

Just like selecting any other LOVO voice, you can click on the speaker profile photo next to the voice block or select “Speaker Selection”.

You will see the Voice Cloning tab, which, when selected, will show all the custom voices you have created.

Here you can select to use, edit details and delete. Once you have selected your voice, it will automatically appear in your voice block, ready to be generated.

Congratulations 🎉

Well done – you have just made your own custom voice!