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YouTube Video Editor

Create stunning videos, effortlessly

Expand your audience and elevate your brand using our comprehensive YouTube video editor, deal for creating captivating videos, whether you're a novice or an experienced pro.

screenshot of YouTube video editing platform Genny by LOVO AI showing timeline editor and subtitle features
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Create pro-quality videos in minutes with our quick and easy online YouTube video editor.

Our YouTube video editor is the perfect solution to take your video editing game to the next level. The intuitive interface is designed to make it easy for both beginners and seasoned pros to create stunning videos with minimal effort. With no software downloads required and no steep learning curves, you can be confident that you have everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

Powerful AI features to assist your creativity

Create a captivating video with Genny's AI tools. Get scripts, images, voice-over, and translation all in one place.

person with headphones and blue sweater dancing with animated subtitles being shown on the bottom

Include captivating subtitles

Genny's AI-powered subtitle generator quickly and precisely transforms audio and video content into captivating subtitles to help increase viewer engagement.

Auto Subtitles
LOVO's voice Sophia image with a text excerpt shown

Craft top-quality voice overs

Elevate your video and audio content with our top-quality, human-like voices. With AI voices, you can effortlessly produce, add, and modify content within a matter of minutes!

AI Voices
AI Writer showing script generator with text output

Create scripts in seconds

Say goodbye to writer's block with our AI writer. Simply input your ideas and let Genny take care of the writing for you. Scriptwriting has never been easier!

AI Writer

Benefits of using a YouTube video editor

It has never been quicker and easier to create high-quality YouTube videos online.

Make your channel more successful

Creating compelling videos can be a game-changer for your YouTube channel success. They can showcase your brand and message effectively. By embracing the impact of video content, you can significantly enhance the visibility of your YouTube channel, boost audience engagement, and ultimately drive up conversion rates.

Expand your reach

Expand your business and enhance your brand on a worldwide scale using a YouTube video editor. With the help of subtitles, you can turn your videos into easily accessible content, reaching and engaging audiences from all around the world.

Save time and start monerizing

Using a YouTube online video editor can be a great way to save time for content creators as it streamlines the editing process and enhances the potential for monetization. By simplifying content creation, it enables you to concentrate on producing high-quality videos that appeal to advertisers and increase revenue through ads and partnerships.

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Radek Kaczynski

Radek Kaczynski

CEO of ‘Bouncer’

The moment we heard this voice we knew this is it! Winston for past three years was developing his personality, but finally is complete with his own voice!!! And not an ordinary voice, one that when you listen to it, you feel like at the campfire listening to the wisdom coming from far journeys, an yet he’s talking about email deliverability ;)

Paul Griffin

Paul Griffin

Director of ‘Griffin Productions Ltd.’

LOVO has been really useful in our social media production. It has allowed us to generate voice-overs and character dialogue for some of our output. We use LOVO as part of our script writing process to preview copy and depending on the project, deliver the recording. Being able to audition from a great range of voices and delivery styles, with a script in realtime, is very advantageous and helps us achieve client approval so much quicker.

John Laing

John Laing

Managing Partner & Supervising Sound Editor ‘Urban Post’

For Spiral we had the challenge of having voice tapes that were somewhat gender neutral and to sound nothing like any other of the Saw franchise films. I came up with the idea of an A.I. style of voice. Going through LOVO’s library of voices we came across a female voice that spoke the words very well for clarity. When we pitched and slowed down the wav files, we got exactly what we needed. Clear, neutral, and weird! Thanks LOVO!

Tobias Fenster

Tobias Fenster

Host of the ‘Window on Technology podcast’

I used LOVO to create the spoken intro and the outro. I was really amazed at how easy it was to use it. You just basically enter the sentences you want to speak, you select the speaker that you want to use, and you can already download the audio file. Thanks a lot for the service!

Oren Aharon

Oren Aharon

CEO of ‘Hour One AI’

LOVO is a leading provider of high quality voices in a large verity of languages with an excellent support! LOVO custom voices replicate the original voice in a high accuracy and authenticity.

Jong Yoon Kim

Jong Yoon Kim

Manager at Toothlife

We used LOVO's Speech Synthesis and TTS technologies to create a special product feature for our Toonation creators. Each creator recorded a short script to clone their voice, which they could use to create content on their own, and also allow their fans to use when the fans made donations to them in their channels. Both the creators and the fans loved the freshness of this new feature and of its quality. The key factor was that LOVO was able to capture each creator's tone, pronunciation, character, and the general speaking habits to really encapsulate their persona.

Adam Fine

Adam Fine

Head of Music & Audio ‘Fiverr’

Partnering with LOVO has helped us smoothly integrate synthetic voices to our platform and level up our offering to our freelancer community. The team at LOVO has been instrumental in bringing our vision with AI voiceovers and text-to-speech to life, and has been a great long term collaborator - bringing their experience in the field to our use case.

Alex Karpyza

Alex Karpyza

Sr. Director, Product Management ‘LotLinx’

LotLinx has utilized LOVO AI technology for their excellent text-to-speech and AI voiceover capabilities for over 2 years now! We utilize LOVO to power the audio voiceover behind a variety of our video ads as the integration is seamless and the quality of the output is first class. The LOVO team was happy to retrain their AI models to better support automotive terminology to suit our use case and are always super responsive. LOVO is a 5 star service!

How our YouTube video editor works

Create a high quality video online in minutes with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Upload file

Add files to your project by either uploading them to the Resources tab located on the left or selecting from a wide range of stock videos and images.

Step 2: Generate

Generate voiceovers, images, subtitles, effects, and transitions to enhance your video and make it perfect!

Step 3: Export

When you’re finished, just export your video and download the file.

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YouTube Video Editor FAQs

If you cannot find an answer, email for help.

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All you need to know about YouTube video editor

What is YouTube video editor?

An online YouTube video editing tool allows you to create and edit videos directly through a web browser without downloading, installing, or using complex software. It has a user-friendly interface that includes cutting, trimming, adding text, transitions, and special effects to enhance your videos. These online platforms offer convenience and accessibility, enabling novice and experienced editors to unleash their creativity and quickly produce professional-looking videos. Edit, refine, and share your creations seamlessly, all without exiting your internet browser.

How does YouTube video editor works?

A YouTube video editor allows users to edit videos without software or powerful hardware. The process is quick and easy: upload your video or choose one from the platform's library, then utilize the platform's tools to cut, merge, add effects, and incorporate audio. As this platform uses cloud-based technology, you can edit your videos anytime and anywhere with internet access, resulting in a seamless and efficient workflow. With the flexibility that online video editing offers, creating your next YouTube video is now more dynamic and accessible than ever before.

Online YouTube video editor features

Fast and easy subtitle generation: With Genny's auto subtitle generator, you can quickly enhance audience engagement and expand your reach. The tool automatically generates subtitles for your video and includes a variety of styles to choose from. In just a few clicks, you can make your video more accessible and attract a broader audience to your content on YouTube. High-quality human-like AI voices: Enhance the accessibility and engagement of your videos by using our professional-grade AI voices to create a voiceover. Choose from a vast selection of over 500 voices in more than 100 languages. You can adjust the speed and pitch to control the output precisely and get the perfect voice to bring your content to life. Lightning-fast voice cloning: Aside from our AI-powered voices, you can also clone your voice to achieve fully personalized content. With just a minute of your voice data, you can create your own voice clone to produce as many styles as you desire. This process will help you save time and money as you won't have to repeatedly record high-quality voiceovers for your YouTube content. Get creative with stock images and videos: Access our free-to-use photos, audio, and video collection to elevate your video editing project. Our asset library offers a wide range of options, from unique audio effects to specific shots and backgrounds, which can help you save valuable time and money during the post-production phase. Create perfectly-timed videos: With our timeline editor, you can easily arrange and edit your video and audio clips precisely. You can trim, cut, crop, and stretch your videos and images and add various effects and transitions to enhance your YouTube video. Additionally, you can control your media files completely to ensure that your clips blend seamlessly for a flawless transition. Say goodbye to writer's block: Let our AI scriptwriter assist you in crafting the ideal script for your YouTube video content. Pick a content template, share your ideas, and let Genny take care of the rest. You can fine-tune the script by adding or editing it to bring your vision to life. Create images in one click: With our AI image generator, you can create images for your video content. Enter your prompt, choose your preferred image style, and let Genny work its magic to produce beautiful images that can be easily incorporated into your project. Unleash your creativity and transform your text into captivating visuals. Work collaboratively: Genny's team feature enables creative and content teams to work together on projects without exporting or downloading files. The feature allows easy project management with multiple workspaces to organize content and duplicate projects for efficient updating and editing. Genny's user-friendly interface ensures that the team can start collaborating within minutes, regardless of their editing knowledge or ability.

Benefits of YouTube Video Editor Technology:

The rise of video editing has brought about a significant transformation in the way we create and share content. YouTube online video editors enable users to seamlessly edit and enhance their videos from any location with stable internet access. The flexibility of this platform promotes collaboration and eliminates the limitations of traditional editing software bound to specific devices. With the convenience of an online video editor, users can give flight to their creativity without requiring high-end equipment or extensive technical know-how. This tool simplifies the process, making it easy for users to bring their ideas to life. Incorporating the capabilities of YouTube video editing tools opens up a world of possibilities, making the video editing experience an accessible and dynamic endeavor for content creators of all levels.

Top seven use cases for Youtube video editor

Advertisements: Crafting captivating ads is easy with online video editing tools. Advertisers can create striking promotional material with lively transitions, melodic tunes, and stunning visuals that capture viewers' interest and amplify their brand's reach. Education: The education sector increasingly adopts online video editors, allowing teachers to enhance their teaching materials with interactive visuals without requiring specialized editing skills. With the help of these tools, education professionals can now simplify complex topics and make learning more engaging and enjoyable for students. Explainers: Explainer videos on YouTube can simplify intricate ideas and concepts, making it easier for a diverse range of viewers to comprehend them. With the help of YouTube online video editors, combining visuals, text, and narration has become an effortless way to convey information concisely and engagingly. Whether introducing a new product or explaining a process, explainer videos can effectively deliver your message. Corporate Training: In today's fast-paced environment, creating engaging and customized training materials is essential for companies. Video editors are great tools that can help add visuals, quizzes, and interactive elements to make the training more effective and keep the employees engaged. Moreover, these editors allow quick and easy updates, edits, and amendments. Audiobooks: By using YouTube video editing tools, storytelling can be enhanced by enabling the addition of visuals and audio. To create more captivating and immersive audiobooks, incorporating engaging graphics, subtitles, and other visuals can add to the delight of the viewers on YouTube and bring the story to life. Podcasts: To enhance the popularity of your podcasts, consider transforming them into YouTube videos by incorporating images, text, and logos. This can be achieved effortlessly using online video editors and subsequently shared across various social media platforms, expanding your podcast's audience. Product Demos: Using YouTube video editors, you can effectively present your products or services via product demos. Using product demos showcasing the key features, benefits, and use cases, you can offer potential customers an engaging and informative experience that can help increase engagement and conversion rates.

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