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Artificial intelligence (AI) is absolutely exploding at the moment. From AI-generated images to AI language models, everyone is looking for ways to adopt these new technologies into their business. We have gotten computers to read text aloud for a while now. Text to speech (TTS) has come a long way in recent years, allowing a synthetic voice to read text aloud with emotion and the correct intonation. 

An AI voice cloner is the next stage of this development, with real-time voice cloning at the cutting edge. So what is this emerging technology, and how can it help your business?

What Is Real-Time Voice Cloning?

Real-time voice cloning uses a generative model and neural networks to create a digital copy of a human voice. The generative model is a statistical model trained on a data set of human voice samples. It gives a statistical representation of human voices by using a process called spectrogram analysis. The neural networks are machine learning algorithms that train the generative model to produce the AI voice clone

Once trained, the generative model can generate an AI clone voice in real-time. These models are more advanced than those used for traditional TTS. They can create a more accurate reproduction of the original model. It also allows input from a person speaking in real time without uploading text. Cloning straight from speech saves production time and allows the speaker to add in their own speech inflections.

Benefits of Real-Time Voice Cloning

The speed of output and accuracy of a good voice cloning tool means there are several benefits to using voice cloning online technology for both business and personal use. Here are six ways to use voice cloning software in real-time to benefit you and your business.

1. Personalized Voice Assistants that Mimic the Voice of the User

Creating personalized voice assistants is becoming more and more popular. You could personalize the voice on your Alexa or Siri to anyone’s voice by mimicking it. A custom voice can make for more comfortable interactions between you and your voice assistant. Having a familiar voice giving answers back to the user makes them more likely to use the voice assistant. Of course, you don’t have to make your personalized voice assistant your own voice. You could give it the voice of a friend or a celebrity. In fact, you can give it just about any custom voice that you can think of.

2. Use of Synthetic Voice for Individuals With Speech Impairments

Using a synthetic voice is just a playful luxury for some people. But it can genuinely improve the quality of people’s lives. For example, someone with a speech impairment may not have the confidence or the ability to communicate with others directly. Their impairment could be highlighted as an issue for them over the telephone when other visual communication cues are absent. Having the ability to speak as you would and have a synthetic representation of your voice repeat what you are saying, entirely mistake-free, can give communication confidence to those that may not have it. 

3. Voice-Overs, Dubbing, and Character Voice Creation

Celebrity voice generators that use text-to-speech are already available online. AI-generated celebrity voices routinely narrate audiobooks. They generally do a good job, but they do face some issues. While adding emotion and intonation into synthetic voices is now possible and works well for audiobooks, it may not have all the flair you want from a voice-over. Voice-overs, dubbing, and cartoon character voices are often dramatically over the top. Using a real-time voice cloner to reproduce the custom voice you want, combined with the dramatic effects, will likely yield a better result.

For those that do need vibrant and exaggerated voices, e.g., for cartoon making, integrating a real-time voice cloner and cartoon maker can significantly amplify the dramatic effects, injecting an authentic and captivating essence into animated characters.

Real-time voice cloning can be beneficial for companies that are creating animated marketing videos. Traditionally, you would hire a freelance voice actor for this role. Anytime you work with a freelancer, you must coordinate schedules, give a briefing, wait for delivery, and then ask for any necessary revisions. A real-time voice clone negates almost all these steps, allowing you to quickly create consistent content.

4. Unique Voice for Avatars and Chatbots

A real-time voice changer can help improve customer interactions and strengthen your business’s brand by creating consistency while engaging with avatars and chatbots. You can choose a custom voice that distinctly matches your brand, immediately making it more relatable to customers.

5. Voice Preservation for Future Generations

Voice preservation for future generations involves making a digital clone of a loved one’s voice to remember that person. As we look at old photos and videos, a digital voice copy can be a loving keepsake. You can share the loved one’s voice with later generations to give them a richer understanding of family members that have passed.

6. Opens Up New Avenues for Creative Expression

It is impossible to know how creatives will use this technology in the future. It could be so versatile in both scope and scale. Creatives are already using more primitive versions of this technology in two notable ways. They both pertain to the last point regarding voice preservation. Utilizing a voice encoder, movie producers have completed films where the actor has passed away before the film is complete. Music producers can use this technology to make collaborations between stars of the past and modern-day artists.

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