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If you need another income stream and want to pick up a side hustle, faceless content creation on YouTube could be your perfect solution. It is a great way to make a little extra money without ever showing your face online — and using the right tools, it doesn’t even have to be too time-consuming. Here are some of our picks for faceless YouTube content ideas to get you started!

9 Faceless YouTube Content Ideas

Here are some faceless content ideas to get your inspiration flowing.

1. Travel Guides

Travel is a popular topic on YouTube, and viewers often look for detailed guides, tips, and insights on various destinations, whether they’re planning a trip or just dreaming about their bucket list vacations.

How To Execute It 

You don’t need to actually visit the places you’re talking about or record yourself on camera. You can use high-quality stock footage, maps, and images to create engaging travel guides — focus on stunning visuals and tell a story through voiceover narration.

2. Animated Storytime Videos

Animated storytelling can be captivating for all age groups, allowing for creativity and diverse story choices. The beauty of animation is that it can stretch reality — think of cartoons like The Simpsons. While the stories told in each episode are often mundane, they come alive through the animation. 

How To Execute It

Use animation software to craft engaging stories. You can easily provide voiceover narration without showing your face and use royalty-free images and animations.

3. Tech Reviews

Tech enthusiasts frequently search for reviews and insights on gadgets and software. Even people who know nothing about the latest technology trends head to YouTube for advice before purchasing new tech. 

How To Execute It 

Film just your hands and the tech products while discussing their features and performance — you don’t need to show your face. Narration is critical for delivering thorough reviews, so put time and effort into your script.

4. DIY And Crafts

The DIY and crafts niche is incredibly popular, and people love learning how to create things. With this genre of video, it’s essential to create visually appealing thumbnails and titles to draw in new audiences through Discover pages and the search function.

How To Execute It 

Similar to the tech reviews niche we listed above, for DIY and craft videos, you’re best off filming your hands, working on various projects, and providing detailed step-by-step instructions through voiceovers. Share your creative process without revealing your face.

5. Relaxing YouTube Channels 

Relaxing channels on YouTube aren’t always just for humans — they can be tailored for dogs and babies, too. These channels cater to niche audiences seeking relaxation and stress relief.

How To Execute It 

Create soothing audiovisual content, such as calming music, nature scenes, or gentle activities. The goal is to relax your viewers, so combine peaceful and serene stock imagery and soothing sounds. 

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6. True Crime

True crime has a dedicated fan base, and many viewers are interested in real-life mysteries. It sounds bleak to say, but there are thousands of unsolved true crimes out there with plenty of intrigue surrounding them. Browse sites like Reddit for information and data you can compile and present in videos. 

How To Execute It

Use voice narration over crime scene images, reenactments, or existing news footage. Think about how many successful true crime podcasts there have been in the last decade — you truly don’t need to show your face to tell the story.

7. Video Game Walkthroughs

Even the most experienced gamers seek guidance on challenging levels or hidden secrets in games. If you’re a fan of video games or even just have one game you’re particularly good at, a walkthrough channel could make a perfect faceless side hustle.

How To Execute It

Record your gameplay and provide commentary on strategies, tips, and tricks. The focus is on your gaming skills and what’s happening on screen, making this a great faceless content idea.

8. ASMR Channels

ASMR videos are designed to provide relaxation through various sounds and triggers. These videos have exploded in popularity in the last few years. They also are a huge trend on TikTok, so you could cross-post your content for more reach and revenue.

How To Execute It 

Showcase your hands or objects producing ASMR sounds (for example, tapping, whispering.) Your voice is central to ASMR, and your face can remain off-camera. Or, use just your voice paired with engaging stock visuals that match the ASMR vibe.

9. Content Reviews 

Many channels on YouTube are dedicated to reviewing TV shows, movies, games, music, and other facets of pop culture. Viewers value objective reviews of entertainment content, so it’s all about finding your opinion that sets you apart from the crowd.

How To Execute It

Focus on reviewing the content itself. Use clips, images, and stills from the content you’re discussing. Your commentary and critique will be the main attraction.

These are just some faceless YouTube content ideas that can be done, but there are many more ideas out there! What is most important is the quality of your voiceover, script, and video.

Genny Makes Starting A Faceless YouTube Channel Easy

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