Every business knows the importance of marketing, but creating content across multiple channels can be costly and time-consuming. So, if you want to maximize your marketing efforts with a minimal marketing budget, consider leveraging AI technology and voice generator tools to help streamline the process. 

What is an AI voice generator?

Before discussing how to use AI voiceovers in marketing, though, we first need to understand how AI text to speech works.

An AI voice generator is a type of artificial intelligence technology that responds to text and voice commands, and mimics a human voice. A user can type text into the interface and the AI voice generator will speak aloud that copy in a realistic, human-like way. Some AI voiceovers even offer different accents, intonations, tones, and background noises that can be leveraged for your various marketing needs. 

How to use AI voices in marketing

Ideal for marketers, an AI voice generator allows you to create voiceovers and text to speech for your business at the click of a button. No artist or recording studio fees. No logistics to consider. Just high quality AI voiceovers, at scale, when and where you need them. Here are all the ways that AI generators and text to speech technology can help you to promote your business.

For advertising

Voiceovers make a great addition to your adverts – wherever you choose to showcase them. Not only do ads with voiceovers score higher with focus groups than those without, but SMBs with a limited budget can create voiceovers at a lower cost and with fewer logistical considerations if they use AI rather than a human voiceover artist.

Here’s how to use AI voiceovers in your ads:

  • Use them to deliver additional information to your target market by highlighting the standout features of your products and/or services. This provides viewers with the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.
  • Use them to persuade your audience by telling a story and sharing the message you want consumers to take away.
  • Use them to lend credibility to your ads, by adjusting the voice and tone to represent your brand and convey its values.

LOVO AI’s human-like voices, for example, can convey over 25 different emotions, so you can make your ads as emotive and engaging as possible to build a connection with your audience. 

For social media

When it comes to social media marketing efforts, video is king. Not only does video content grab the audience’s attention but it engages them too, if paired with a human-sounding voiceover. That’s why text to speech videos are so popular on social, from Instagram Reels to Facebook to TikTok videos.

If you’re trying to post as regularly as recommended, though – between one and four times a day on some social channels – it can be too time-consuming to record high-quality voiceovers for each video. But you don’t need to rely on the in-app robotic voiceover either. With LOVO AI’s voice generator, you can create AI voiceovers for social media videos in minutes, so you can keep publishing top tier content that is actually going to benefit your business as often as you like.

For YouTube

YouTube has over two billion active users worldwide, which is why over half of all marketers use the platform as part of their marketing strategy. 

If you want to join the many marketers already using YouTube, remember that it’s much easier to form a connection with your audience when there’s a voiceover on your video that is playing to their emotions. Making your audience feel something makes them much more likely to like, subscribe, and buy from your brand.

As such, AI voiceovers are a great choice for your YouTube videos, especially when you pick a platform like LOVO AI which offers an all-in-one video editor. Here you can edit your videos, use a voice generator to add a voiceover, add music, and so much more.  

For podcasts

Business podcasts are a great way to educate listeners about your brand and offering, and with 140 million listeners in the US in 2022, they’re quickly becoming key players in companies’ marketing strategies. 

Podcasts not only help you to form a personal connection with listeners (who tend to be pretty loyal to the podcasts they like) but to create other streams of revenue through podcast sponsorship and ads too. 

Of course, the fastest way to start a business podcast is to leverage AI text to speech. With LOVO AI, for example, you can create engaging AI podcasts in minutes – with minimal production costs. You can use different voices to create conversations and pick voices that align with your brand personality, all without hiring voiceover actors or having to record edited sections multiple times. 

For customer service

In a competitive landscape where more and more businesses understand the power of good customer experience (CX), delighting customers with exceptional service has never been more important. It’s how you gain their loyalty and get them to return to your brand again and again.

AI is already helping businesses provide better customer service with personalized interactions, improved response times, and 24/7 customer support availability. A tool like LOVO AI, for example, enables interactive voice response (IVR), which means your customers can talk to your AI bot in the same way they would a human customer service agent, taking AI customer service to a new and exciting level.

An AI voice generator is a valuable marketing tool that can save companies like yours time and money. Whether you’re leveraging AI for your social media or your customer service, it allows you to elevate your marketing efforts, communicate directly with your audience, and turn leads into loyal customers. Why not try it for yourself? Sign up for free and see LOVO AI in action.