If you’ve ever faced hurdles trying to create different forms of content, then a quality AI voice generator is about to become your new best friend. 

AI voice generators can significantly enhance your marketing, sales, and customer support efforts. They can also save your business money, and time, and increase your productivity. 

If you’re not quite sure about these tools, then read our guide below to understand the full capabilities and possibilities they offer. We will break down everything you need to know about the best AI voice generators and why you should use one. 

What is an AI voice generator? 

AI voice generators are software tools that utilize text-to-speech technology. With AI voice generators, you input text, and the software reads out this text in a human-like voice. Some advanced AI voice generators can also process and understand spoken human voices, which they can respond to as a voice. 

As AI technology advances, the best AI voice generators come with many powerful features and possibilities. You can be very selective over the kind of voice and tone the tool uses. You can also edit elements of the spoken voice, like the speed it plays, or pauses and exclamations.

AI voice generators are able to achieve natural-sounding human tones. This means businesses can use them in a variety of different scenarios. 

What the best AI voice generator can do for your business 

The best AI voice generator can help your company achieve many new possibilities. Most importantly, these tools save time and budget, allowing brands to create new forms of content without the resources traditionally required for this content. 

This can empower small businesses and independent creators in a big way. 

From enhanced customer service to improved content marketing, here are some of the main reasons why you need the best AI voice generator. 

Engaging ads 

92% of marketers have reported that video delivers a positive ROI. Video is a priority for marketing businesses these days, as it’s such an engaging and compelling form of content. If you want to utilize the true power of video in your marketing strategy, then one of the best ways to do it is through ads. 

While video ads are so powerful, a potential issue with them is that they can be difficult and expensive to create. You need to have video editing skills, ad footage, and enough budget to put the ad assets together. 

But, with the best AI voice generator, these objections all disappear.

You can use an AI voice generator to create easy voiceover video ads without needing the resources traditional video creation requires. With the best AI voice generator, you can even access a complete video production platform, complete with creative assets you can add to your video. 

All you need is a script for your video ad, and the voice generator will be able to turn this into life. It’s the most accessible and convenient way to run video ads for your business. 

Video marketing content 

On the topic of video being such a powerful content format, the right AI voice generator can help you create video marketing content a lot more easily. 

You could put together YouTube videos that attract and engage your audience. Again, all you need is a script, and high-quality video content is only a few clicks away. This can add a lot more energy to your content marketing strategy. 

You could even use an AI voice generator to easily repurpose your existing content. For example, if you have blog posts, you can feed the text of these posts into the voice generator, and use it as a script for a video. This doesn’t require any extra time or effort but lets you access a powerful new form of content. 

The AI voice generator you choose should be easily customizable and versatile. This is in terms of being able to create perfectly on-brand video content for social media, YouTube, your website, or any other platform where you want to publish on. 

Educational and explainer videos 

Whether it’s a tutorial on how to use your products or a course for onboarding new clients, the best AI voice generator will help you create this content with ease. 

There’s no need to physically film these videos in a studio, and you won’t need to have a voice or personality for videos. All you do is input your text, and the platform will create a perfect voicer video for you. 

Educational and explainer-type videos can have many valuable uses. Perhaps you’re looking to create an online course to attract new customers, or maybe you need a video outlining and addressing your customer’s pain points and tying them to your product features. 

Text-to-speech educational videos can even be used in a classroom environment. 

Corporate training 

Corporate training videos help you provide a better learning experience for onboarding new employees or training your existing ones. Using the best AI voice generator is a smart way to create these videos. 

Just add your corporate training video script to the AI tool, and you can turn it into a natural voiceover video. Then, send out this video to employees. 

This can save you a lot of time and effort on employee training and onboarding. It can also help employees access a more efficient onboarding process, which gets them prepared for your business faster. 

Audiobooks and podcasts 

The best AI voice generator can help you do a lot more than just create videos. Audiobooks and podcasts are two examples of different content formats these tools can unlock for your brand. 

If you don’t have the voice or personality to host a podcast or don’t have the time and equipment to record one, then use AI to do the heavy lifting. 

This is an excellent way to repurpose your existing content and expand your content marketing efforts. If your business has ebooks published, you can turn these into audiobooks in a matter of seconds. If you have any other kind of valuable written content, this can become a podcast. 

This gives you more opportunities to attract and engage your audience, and it can help you cast your marketing net wider across different platforms. 

While businesses may have traditionally required a decent chunk of budget, equipment, and the right people to create this content, it’s now easily available to small businesses. 

Best of all, AI voice generators can also work in different languages. This can help you create this content for various audience segments if your brand has a multilingual target market. 

Product demos 

Product demos are one of the best ways to speed up and assist your sales process, In fact, 69% of consumers say that product demos help them make a purchase.

Using an AI voice generator provides a straightforward solution for creating a product demo video. Simply create a screen recording of your product in use, and then generate a voiceover script with AI. This takes minimal time and gives you a powerful sales tool that can help you qualify and engage your sales leads. 

Customer service 

One of the most exciting possibilities of voice generators is their use in customer service

You can apply the best AI voice generator to various areas of your customer service strategy – like through a voice chatbot on your website or on your phone line. This lets you provide customer support around the clock, without needing a customer support representative waiting on the phone. 

The benefits of this are enormous. Your customers can access support when they need it without waiting around. This provides a far better customer experience. You can also save a lot of time and money in providing customer support. 

AI tools can also record your customer support conversations and monitor the most popular issues customers have, This provides valuable insights for your business. The best AI software can even be customized to match the specific tone and speaking style of the customer. This provides a better, more natural customer support experience. 

How to choose the best AI voice generator 

While many AI voice generators work in a very similar way, there’s an enormous difference in the quality and possibilities of the different tools available. 

Here are a couple of considerations to keep in mind when choosing an AI voice generator for your business. 

Human-quality voices 

Of course, the main aspect you’ll want to look out for with AI voice generators is the quality of the voice. You don’t want it to sound like a robot. 

The best AI voice generator will sound completely natural. In fact, you won’t be able to tell the difference between AI voices and recorded human voices. 

Look for a platform that offers a variety in the kind of tones and emotions the AI voices can deliver. This will make your AI voice content a lot more engaging and compelling. 

Wide selection of voices and languages 

The right AI voice generator should offer you a wide selection of voices and personalities you can use from. The more voices on offer, the better. 

Having a wide range of voices available will help you match the AI voice content to your brand. If you use the software on different channels, like social media, your website, podcasts, and YouTube, you can also have different personalities for each channel. 

Ideally, the voice generator will also be available in a broad selection of languages. Having more languages available can make your AI-generated voice content more accessible to a wider audience. This is particularly useful if you want to offer customer support in different languages. 

Easy customization 

Some AI voice generators simply turn your text into spoken content. The best tools, however, let you access the voice-generated content as a waveform and edit it exactly as you want. This can help you fine-tune your content and customize elements like pauses and put emphasis on the voice. 

The more customization power you have, the more natural and human-like the AI-generated voice content can be. Greater customization possibilities also allow you to make the voice content more unique, and specifically tailored toward your brand. 

Supports various use cases 

The right tool should have the flexibility to provide a wide range of voice functions, like video creation, customer service possibilities, podcast creation, and more. 

The more specific functions the tool supports, the greater possibilities you’ll have with the voice generator. 

Video production possibilities 

AI-generated voice content is typically added to videos. However, most AI voice generators let you download this content as an audio file which you will have to add to a separate video editing platform. 

Ideally, you’ll want to work with an AI voice generator that includes its own native video production solution. 

This makes it easier to create video content with the voice generator. Some platforms, like Lovo, even include a readily-available asset library to help you create videos from scratch. This means you can add elements like sound effects or royalty-free video clips to your voiceover. 


The right AI voice generator should provide an easy solution to creating new content for your brand. Whether it’s video, audio, or on-demand support, voice-generated content can transform the way you engage your audience. 

By choosing the best AI voice generator, you can access a wide range of possibilities and features to help you make the most of these tools. 
Lovo is a powerful voice generation platform that covers all of the possibilities listed above. If you’re interested in tapping into the power of AI voice generation, then try Lovo for free to see just how much value it can add to your business.