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Advertisers need to keep up with emerging advertising trends. But instead of keeping your ear to the ground, we recommend grabbing a pair of headphones because audio advertising is the latest trend.

Audio ads can transform your business by tapping into a growing audience of engaged listeners, effectively delivering your brand message in just a few seconds. Audio advertisements present a unique opportunity to immersively connect with your audience when done correctly.

Let’s look at how perfect audio advertising can benefit your business, along with how to make voice advertising.

Why Should You Create Programmatic Audio Advertising?

Audio advertising is a valuable tool for businesses looking to amplify their marketing efforts.

With projected ad spending in the audio advertising market expected to reach $38.75 billion in 2023, companies from all industries are ramping up their audio advertising activities to capitalize on the opportunity.

As a growing market, now is the optimal time for businesses of all sizes to incorporate audio ads into their marketing strategies — especially as it offers lower CPM (cost-per-thousand) rates than other digital media channels.

So why is audio advertising becoming such a popular trend in advertising?

For starters, audio is a highly engaging medium. With fewer visual distractions, listeners can fully immerse themselves into whatever form of audio media they’re consuming — whether it’s the radio, a podcast, a playlist, etc. 

Advertisers can then produce personalized audio ads relevant to the audio content — such as podcast ads — which is very important to consumers. Research shows that more than 1/3 of consumers will return to a brand after a personalized experience — even if it’s not the least expensive or most convenient option.

 5 Tips For Excellent Programmatic And Perfect Audio Advertising

Here’s some guidance on how to make your audio advertisement a success:

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is essential for creating an effectively engaging and personalized audio advertisement

Before creating your audio ad, research your target customer’s listening habits, preferences, and demographics. Learn which platforms they use, the genres they enjoy, and the context in which they consume audio content. 

Once you’ve got a better understanding of your audience, you can tailor your messages and select appropriate audio channels to reach your desired audience effectively.

2. Craft An Engaging Script

In the world of audio, words are your most powerful tool. Crafting your scripts to deliver a clear and compelling message concisely is important. 

Not only do you need to hook your audience to capture their attention within the first three to five seconds, but you’ll also need to maintain it for the rest of the ad. 

Use persuasive language, storytelling techniques, and emotional appeals to connect with listeners on a deeper level. Remember to keep the message relevant, memorable, and aligned with your brand’s tone and values.

3. Use Effective Sound Design

Just like you wouldn’t visually write your brand message on a busy, hard-to-read background, you don’t want to deliver your audio ad with distracting background noise. 

Choose whether you’d like to use a suitable backing track and sound effects or whether you’d prefer to just have a standalone voice. If you opt for music, ensure that it matches the tone of your ad and sets the right mood

Carefully balance volume levels, transitions, and background music to maintain clarity and prevent distraction. A well-designed audio ad can leave a lasting impression and make your brand more memorable.

4. Have A Clear Call To Action (CTA)

Once your audience has heard your ad, they need to know the next steps to take. For instance, do they know where to find you and your products or services? If there’s a specific action that you’d like them to take, ensure that it’s made clear. 

Don’t forget to repeat your brand name several times during the ad. This helps listeners remember you once the ad’s over.

5. Choose The Right Voice

The voice you choose for your audio ad will represent your brand, making it crucial to select the right one. 

You’ll want to pick a voice that will connect with your listeners and match the script’s tone

How To Use An AI Voiceover Generator To Make Audio Advertisements

AI voice generator tools can produce amazing results for your audio ad at a fraction of the cost

Once you’ve written and perfected your script, LOVO AI’s text-to-speech tool, Genny, can transform it into a voiceover in seconds. 

With over 600 AI voices to choose from, you can select the right voice to deliver your brand’s message. You can even sample each voice with an excerpt of text to get a sense of how each one sounds with your script. 

You can take your audio ad to the next level using more of Genny’s innovative tools, including:

  • Emphasis: Stress important words in your script or draw attention to product names
  • Speed: Adjust the speed of individual text blocks or the whole script
  • Pauses: Include pauses to catch your listeners’ attention
  • Pronunciation: Teach Genny how to pronounce specific words, like your brand name
  • Sound Effects: Include sound effects to complement your audio ad’s narrative

And now your ad is ready to go! 

And don’t worry about creating whole new ads for each market. Genny’s translation feature can translate your audio into more than 100 languages

Ready to get started on your perfect audio advertising strategy? Try Genny for free today.