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Explainer videos utilize 2D animation to give your audience clear, concise, and entertaining information. Video marketing is vital in modern marketing strategies, particularly for companies that explain complex topics. Knowing how to make an explainer video that is engaging and converts visitors into customers is vital. Once you understand a few key processes, you can unleash the power of explainer videos to improve your marketing and grow your business.

The Power of Explainer Videos

Whether you’re making a sales explainer video or more general marketing videos, explainer videos have several benefits. Landing pages with an explainer video convert 86% better. The visually engaging nature of explainer videos allows them to grab your audience’s attention and explain your offerings much more effectively than other static methods like text or images. 

Because the video medium is so versatile, you can have different types of explainer videos across various platforms. You may have a very focused sales video on your website, while you use a more general, brand-focused explainer video in a YouTube advert. 

Regardless of the type of explainer video you produce, you must follow several best practices to get the best return on your production.

Best Practices for Creating an Effective Explainer Video

Before creating your video, familiarize yourself with the best practices of the process. Once you have internalized these methods, creating awesome explainer videos will be a breeze.

1. Use Engaging Visual Storytelling Techniques

Crafting a compelling and engaging narrative that resonates with your audience is the heart of video content marketing. Bring your story to life by creating relatable characters using online video editing software. By putting your animated characters into a setting in which they will face the same problem as your prospective customers, you can easily demonstrate the benefit of your product to consumers. 

You want your audience to relate to and fully immerse in your content immediately. Short of producing fully interactive videos, explainer videos with a captivating storyline are the best way to maintain your audience’s attention. If you need to explain a complex product or process, animated explainer videos allow you to use metaphors and analogies to simplify concepts, making your product more accessible to a wider audience.

2. Optimize Voiceover and Narration

Once you have planned your story, you must choose the voice to guide the viewer through it. The narration must be as engaging, clear, and relatable as the narrative. Finding the right voice actor for this job used to be a lengthy and costly process, but not anymore.

AI voices are the future of video narration. The days of robotic computer voices are long gone. Now, you can easily choose from thousands of realistic voices to find the voice that perfectly captures the emotion, intonation, and tone to match your brand. 

Just as you can easily download music tracks for your videos without needing to hire a musician to record a song, the same is true for voiceovers. You can streamline your production and revision process by using an on-demand AI voiceover tool at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional voice actor. 

3. Captivate Your Audience With Animation and Graphics

Choosing the best explainer video editing tools allows you to create animated videos that captivate your audience. Eye-catching animations and graphics grab your audience’s attention and more entertainingly market your brand. 

However, make sure that the visuals remain consistent with the rest of your brand styling. After all, your video marketing is another extension of your company’s identity. 

Animated explainer videos can often be considered a more interactive version of a PowerPoint presentation. Motion graphics represent data much more rivetingly than boring old bar charts. Even if your target audience is accustomed to dealing with large datasets, they will still appreciate a more user-friendly presentation. 

4. Keep it Short and Sweet

Even when explaining a complex topic, you want a video that is short and to the point. The ideal length of an explainer video is 1-2 minutes. After that, audience retention rates will start to drop. 

You can improve your viewing durations by creating a compelling hook at the beginning of the video and ensuring your content remains laser-focused on solutions to your customer’s pain points. Ensuring that you keep your audience’s attention until the end of your video is crucial because this is where your call to action will come. If they don’t make it that far, they won’t know what step to take next, and you may have just lost them as a customer.

Keep the content friendly and engaging, but don’t add in filler content. Customers like explainer videos because they can absorb information more quickly, so respect their time and remember that less is more.

5. Have a Strong Call to Action

As with any marketing effort, you must finish with a strong call to action. Ensure you give your customer a clear next step and a compelling reason to do it. This could be signing up for a free trial, joining a mailing list, or arranging a consultation call. Your call to action will be unique to your offering and what stage of the customer journey you are targeting. 

Regardless of what your call to action is, you need to make sure it is clear to customers. If your call to action isn’t clear, it won’t generate new customers, making your entire video a waste of effort. 

Expedite Explainer Video Creation and Voiceovers With the Right Tool

If you want to make your video from scratch, you’ll need the right tool for the job. LOVO’s award-winning AI voiceover software is already used by over 700,000 professionals who need to create engaging marketing content just like you.

Genny is LOVO’s AI voice tool that not only offers 500 hyperrealistic voices in over 100 languages, but also automates the script-writing process. You can easily get started with Genny for free to find out how it can improve your voiceovers and streamline your explainer video production process. 

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