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Explainer videos have become an extremely popular and effective way to communicate key information and complex ideas to your target audience. However, creating high-quality, professional explainer videos requires significant time and effort. By utilizing screen recording and AI tools, you can greatly streamline the video production process.

Why Is Efficiency Important When Creating Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos help you demonstrate actual products, illustrate concepts, provide how-tos, and clarify complex processes through motion graphics, text, images, and animation. They allow you to capture your audience’s attention and help them understand your core message quickly.

They also provide a great conversion rate for your intended products and services. For example, landing pages with explainer videos outperform others, achieving an impressive 86% higher conversion rates. Similarly, websites featuring explainer videos maintain an average conversion rate of 4.8%, in contrast to the 2.9% on websites without one.

However, producing explainer videos requires you to handle every step of the video creation process. It includes writing scripts and storyboards, recording voiceovers and footage, editing timelines, and adding explainer graphics. This entire workflow can become extremely cumbersome at scale.

As your business grows, you may need to create different types of explainer videos, such as product demos, startup pitch decks, training tutorials, commercials, and more. Without process optimization, handling such growing explainer video needs can quickly result in production bottlenecks.

That’s why utilizing technologies like screen recording and AI to automate parts of your workflow is critical. It helps boost productivity so you can meet rising explainer video demands while maintaining consistent quality and brand voice across videos.

Streamlining video creation also provides vital business agility. You can swiftly produce new explainer videos tailored to evolving business and customer needs. This agility can give you a significant competitive advantage.

5 Ways To Create Explainer Videos With Screen Recording and AI

Here are the five best practices you can use to streamline creating professional explainer videos at scale using screen recording and AI:

1. Use AI To Generate a Video Script for Your Target Audience

The foundation of any compelling video explainer is an engaging, audience-focused script. However, drafting scripts tailored to your target viewers can be difficult and time-intensive.

Fortunately, AI writing assistants like LOVO’s AI Writer can help. Just provide initial prompts indicating your video goals, target persona, brand messaging, and more. The AI writing tool then quickly generates an explainer video script while keeping your target audience in mind.

The AI considers critical details like your viewer’s level of knowledge, preferred content format, emotional triggers, and other psychological factors. These parameters allow AI to craft an appealing, on-brand script specifically tailored to convert your target audience.

Starting explainer video creation using an AI-generated script gives your production immense initial momentum. You save hours otherwise spent laboring over scripts. And you end up with audience-optimized foundations to build your visuals for the video.

2. Record Your Screen and Automate Editing With AI

Once your script is locked in, screen recording lets you easily capture necessary footage. It may be showing product navigation flows, software tutorials, presentation walkthroughs, and any other on-screen demonstrations.

Compared to complex video shoots, screen recording is far more efficient. You can recreate multiple takes and record video segments out of sequence without expensive reshoots. Screen recording also allows you to demonstrate actual software or products rather than wasting resources staging unrealistic visuals.

Pairing screen recording with AI video editing brings even more significant advantages. Rather than manually arranging clips on a timeline, AI editors like LOVO can automatically cut and sync your video clips to voiceover audio. It automates the tedious process of removing unwanted footage and logically sequencing video segments.

The AI editing even handles inserting other visual assets like stock videos, music sound effects, images, text overlays, logos, and animated motion graphics. This automation frees you to focus on fine-tuning instead of building edits from scratch.

3. Create Voice Overs Using AI Text to Speech Software

Impactful voice overs are essential for explainer videos. They make your message more engaging, dynamic, and human. But constantly producing custom voice over recordings requires extensive effort. You may need to hire expensive voice over talent and manage ongoing revisions until you achieve the perfect result.

Leveraging AI text-to-speech solutions eliminates headaches, delivering consistent, high-quality voice overs at scale. For instance, LOVO’s AI voice generator can rapidly produce professional voice over from text in over 500+ AI voices and 100+ languages.

The AI considers context like script tone, target audience, emotional cadence, and more to deliver an optimal voice over tailored to your explainer video goals. You can continually adjust details like speech pace, accents, and additional audio effects until each result fits your creative vision. You can even create your own AI voice matching your brand image via AI voice cloning.

This on-demand voice over generation removes production bottlenecks related to talent scheduling, studio time, and manual editing. Instead, you can test limitless AI voice over iterations in a fraction of the time.

4. Generate Subtitles Automatically for Explainer Video

Adding accurate, perfectly synced subtitles makes your explainer videos accessible and engaging to global audiences. But crafting subtitles manually requires intensive effort.

Luckily, AI-powered solutions can automatically generate subtitles for your entire explainer video timeline in just minutes. Speech recognition technology instantly transcribes video audio into text captions. You simply review the auto-generated subtitles, make minor corrections if needed, and export the files.

This automation eliminates tedious labor hours over every video frame to accurately add and sync subtitle text. It gives perfectly punctuated, time-coded captions at a fraction of the human effort.

5. Add Engaging Visuals With AI Graphics To Your Explainer Videos

Even with screen recordings, explainer videos risk losing viewer attention without interesting graphics, animations, and text overlays across your timeline.

However, designing custom motion graphics or animating hand-drawn sketch visuals requires substantial effort and technical expertise. And it can be challenging to maintain visual consistency across videos.

It’s where AI image generators become invaluable. Online tools like LOVO has an AI Art Generator that allows you to prompt whatever image you need, and also provide instant access to any number of stock images, icons, and other design assets.

You can quickly build stunning animated scenes by combining screen recordings with complementary AI graphics inserted throughout your edit. It keeps audiences visually engaged while communicating complex topics and ideas clearly.

The AI even auto-generates custom brand imagery reflecting your company’s specific color scheme, logo, and other visual identity elements. It ensures brand consistency across all videos without intensive manual asset creation.

Streamline Your Explainer Video Process With LOVO

Creating quality explainer videos at scale obviously poses a major workload challenge. But by integrating screen recording and AI solutions like LOVO, you remove friction across the entire video production process — from scripting to graphics to voiceovers, editing, and subtitles.

LOVO’s end-to-end platform lets you rapidly produce any type of explainer video needed to achieve your goals. So start streamlining explainer video creation today with LOVO’s easy yet powerful AI toolkit. Sign up for free to effortlessly make compelling videos that drive results.

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