In our global economy, even the smallest companies can sell to customers halfway across the world. Although this represents an amazing economic opportunity, it also increases customer expectations when it comes to localization. 

For those same small companies, the cost of human translation may have once limited their scope with multilingual markets. But thanks to advancements in AI translation tools, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to communicate with your customers in a language they can understand. What’s more, AI translators can also help businesses grow and improve internally through more efficient knowledge sharing and increased productivity. 

In this post, we explain how AI translation tools can help businesses looking to scale and expand and the best practices for taking advantage of AI localization.   

How AI Translation And AI Localization Can Help Grow Your Business

AI translation is one of the most powerful tools for helping your business grow. Here’s how you can make it work for you:

Expand into New Markets And Reach More Customers

It’s a common assumption that consumers with different native languages feel comfortable enough with English to buy items online. However, research shows that 76% of customers prefer to buy products with information in their native language, while 40% won’t shop on websites in other languages.

English might be the most spoken language worldwide, but there are far more people who don’t speak English at all — over six billion, to be exact. English-only content alienates these people and drives you out of significant markets with low English language proficiency, including the U.A.E, Mexico, Turkey, Japan, and Russia. With AI localization, you can leverage over 100 languages to expand your reach and target 90% of the world’s population with a few clicks of a button. 

Cut Costs On Third-Party Translators

Your business may have long considered the advantages of localized content and customer support but hesitated because of the cost. AI translation tools allow you to achieve localization for a fraction of the cost of hiring third-party translators or multilingual staff. An AI translator also offers a much faster turnaround, ensuring you can reap the benefits of your investment much sooner. 

Improve Internal Processes 

Your customers may not be the only ones with diverse native languages. With AI translation tools on hand, it’ll be much easier for employees worldwide to access and share knowledge for improved understanding and more collaborative working. 

AI translation tools can make it easy for employees to access translated meetings, learning materials, and documents within seconds. Without language barriers slowing down productivity and limiting communication, you’ll soon find that everything from onboarding processes to corporate training programs will all become much smoother. 

Encourage And Improve Customer Loyalty 

Making an effort to speak the language of every section of your audience — no matter how small — shows that you care about your customers and are willing to make significant adjustments to communicate with them. As well as expanding your reach to new markets, AI localization encourages customer loyalty and enhances feelings of trust within your existing customer base. 

Offer Multilingual Customer Support 

Chatbots have revolutionized customer service, but their effectiveness is limited if they only operate in a single language. Companies with a global customer base can use AI translation to implement multilingual chatbots to assist customers in a language they understand. With the ability to learn new languages in minutes, handle hundreds or even thousands of conversations at once, and work 24/7, a multilingual chatbot will make it easy for your organization to serve a global audience seamlessly.   

Best Practices for Using an AI Translator in Your Business

While an AI translator is a powerful tool, learning how to maximize its full potential means knowing its limitations and strengths. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when approaching AI translation as a solution for your business: 

Plan How You’ll Use AI Translation

If you’re thinking about using AI translation in your business, your first step should be to plan how you’ll integrate it, as well as what languages and markets you want to expand to. 

For example, while offering alternative language versions of your website will help attract speakers of those languages, you’ll need to use AI translation to train a multilingual chatbot first so you’ll be ready to provide customer support in all the languages you plan to offer. 

Choose The Right AI Translator

There are various AI translation tools to choose from, so you’ll need to consider which are most appropriate for your business. Some AI solutions are trained to translate for a particular industry, while some focus on audio and others on text. This means that the best AI translator for one organization may not be the best for another. 

If possible, sign up for a trial period with your choice of AI translator before making a financial commitment. Getting a feel for the technology can help you investigate how to make the best use of localization AI while also ensuring that you choose the right translator for your needs. 

Quality-Check The Output

AI translation might be advancing at lightning speed, but it can’t yet work perfectly alone. Any public-facing copy for websites, legal texts, and important documentation will still require the supervision of human translators to check for grammatical errors, mistranslations, and conflicting information. That said, the beauty of AI is that it continues to learn as it works, so the more you use AI translation tools, the better they become. 

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