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Wondering how to create AI art? You’re not alone! AI art has unlocked a world of possibilities for artists, businesses, and designers. Artificial intelligence can be used to generate photographs of people, objects, and landscapes, or to fill out the background of a close-cropped image.

Though it’s a fairly new addition to the world of publicly accessible AI tools, the range of AI-generated art styles is impressive. Artists can create works in anime, cutout, and painting-like styles –– the options are practically endless.

Whether you’re experimenting with AI art for fun, you’re a creator looking to expand your portfolio, or you’re exploring AI art as a way to supplement your business marketing efforts, you’re in the right place. 

Here’s everything you need to know about AI art, including how to create AI-generated art.

What Is AI Art?

AI-generated art is any image that’s created using artificial intelligence technologies, usually algorithms and machine learning techniques. Users simply enter some text — called ‘a prompt’ — into the AI art generator specifying what they want, and the computer does the rest of the work. 

AI art is generated with text-to-image technology, which typically only requires a few sentences of direction to create visually stunning artwork. The beauty of it is that with AI art generators, anyone can be an artist. The skill lies in perfecting your prompts to ensure your end result aligns with the vision in your mind. 

How Does AI Art Work?

The one question that arises when we talk about AI-generated art is this: can it really be considered art? Let’s take a look at how it all works. 

The algorithms used for making AI art were developed by processing and cataloging huge sets of human-created art. AI art generators use this huge database and deep neural networks to analyze prompts and create similar – but totally different – interpretations of human-created art. 

It’s the more intricate, computer-based equivalent of scrolling through Pinterest for photography ideas or studying art books to spark inspiration. 

How To Make AI Art

Understanding how to make AI-generated art isn’t as easy as just finding a random program off Google and entering a few words, particularly if you’re creating AI art for business purposes. It’s important to find the right tool for your needs, then craft and refine the perfect prompt. 

Step 1: Choose An AI Art Generator

AI art generators have absolutely exploded across the internet in the past few years, so you have a few options to choose from. 

The best AI art generator for your business depends on your budget and the type of art you’re looking to create. For example, do you need text-heavy images for ads? Or do you want simple cartoons? Or human-like images for blog headers? Tools are developing so fast and capabilities are improving month on month, so it’s best to try some out and see how they work for your project. 

We recommend starting with LOVO AI’s art generator, Genny. It brings your vision to life in seconds, and the copyright-free images can be used in everything from corporate training to social media marketing and YouTube videos. Just describe the image you want and press ‘generate’. 

Step 2: Craft And Input Your Prompts

So, how do you create a good prompt? You can keep it vague, especially if you’re just experimenting. But for a truly good-quality end result, the more specific you are, the better. 

Let’s say, for example, you want a photo of an apple on a plate. That prompt could give you any number of images. Get specific:

  • Is it a photo, a painting, a drawing, or a 3D model?
  • Is the image close-up on an object or is it a wide landscape?
  • What colors or color schemes do you want?
  • Is the object you’re requesting made of a specific material?
  • What is the texture you’re looking for?

LOVO AI’s Genny allows you to enter prompts using only keywords, so you could input: ‘realistic photo of a sliced apple, plate, kitchen, blue and green, marble counter’. Genny will create up to three variations of your image within seconds, so choose your favorite one and use them in your project. 

Along with paintings and animations, Genny can produce realistic photographs and images that are perfect for professional content. So, if stock media just isn’t getting the job done, Genny could be a perfect replacement. 

Step 3: Refine And Amend

Now it’s time to perfect your final image. Add or remove prompts to keep editing and refining the image until you get your desired end product. 

Play around with different combinations –– don’t settle until you have something perfect!

Step 4: Download And Share

Once you’re happy with your AI-generated art, download the image or add it to a video project to edit with Genny. 

The best part about LOVO AI is that all images generated are copyright-free so they can be used anywhere with zero restrictions. 

Get started with Genny today –– watch a demo or start a free trial and begin creating masterpieces!


Is AI Art Really Art?

Technically, art is subjective, so yes. The same question is asked about various modern art styles over the years, but AI-generated artworks have been displayed in museums and galleries, and sold for large sums at auction.

Can You Sell AI-generated Art?

As long as you own the rights to it, yes! Luckily, users own all rights to the content created via LOVO, in perpetuity, including commercial rights.

Does AI Art Steal Art?

No, AI models aren’t ‘stealing’ art. They’re analyzing already-existing images, learning from them, and applying these learnings to the creation process. 

Will AI Art Replace Artists?

AI-generated art is a new tool that can be used by artists and designers in different ways. It’s a great way to support your design department, increase efficiency, and decrease costs.

What Is The Best AI Art Generator?

LOVO AI is one of the best AI art generators on the market, no matter how specific your needs are. With AI Artist, can add your generated art straight into your projects to bring your audiobooks, voiceovers, videos, presentations, and more to life!

Try LOVO’s AI art generator today and see for yourself just how useful AI art can be!