Adding images to your content can be a great way to bring your content to life. In addition to stock images that are available for use in Genny, you can create your own AI-generated image using our AI Artist tool.

This tutorial will take you through the steps to generate your first image and how to add it to your project.

AI Artist is free to use for all Pro, Pro+, and Enterprise users. You can visit our pricing page or check your subscription in Genny for a full breakdown of what is included in each plan.

Let’s dive right in!

Step 1 – Open AI Artist

To use AI Artist, you need to create a new project or have an existing project open.

Once you have opened your project, click on the AI Artist icon located on the left-hand side.

Step 2 – Generate your image

Here, you can type a description of whatever image you would like to generate into the text box, select the style you would like, and click “Create” to start the image generation process.

When writing a prompt, it is best to be detailed so that you can generate an image that matches the idea and mood that you want to create.

If you would like some tips and tricks for writing prompts, you can check out our blog, which can help you get started.

AI Artist image styles

There are 8 different styles to select from when generating your image:

  • Photography1 – HD digital camera style that produces realistic, clean, and neat style images.
  • Photography2 – film camera-style images that are more artistic, dramatic and vibrant in color.
  • Photorealism – a popular style for AI-generated images that combines photography and painting.
  • Painting – this style produces images in an oil painting and fine art style.
  • Anime – for any type of image that requires a classic Japanese animates style.
  • Ink punk – great for character images that look like they are sketched or doodled with ink.
  • Paper cut – ideal for storytelling or content with a whimsical and delicate style.
  • Architecture – suited for buildings, rooms, and clean angular images without people.

Generating images with similar styles

Each time you generate an image, you will be given 3 different variations to choose from. If there is a particular image you like but want to see more variations with the same style, you can click on “Recreate” located on the top right corner of the image.

| Reminder: You can generate and recreate AI images as many times as you like without using any generation credit. In addition, any images you create using AI Artist can be used for commercial purposes.

Step 3 – Add or save your image

Once you have decided on the image you want to use you have the option of adding it directly to your project, or saving it to your folder in Genny.

Clicking “Add to My Folder” will result in the image being saved into your folder, which you can access by clicking on the “Resources” icon. This is where all your images and videos you upload are stored.

If you decide to add directly to your project, click the “Add to Project” button, and the image will then appear in the Timeline Editor as an image block. Here you will be able to drag it to adjust when and how long it appears in your project.

And that’s all there is to it!

In just three easy steps, you can create and add your own image to your project.