The internet gives companies the widest possible pool of people to sell products to. But reaching people online requires consistent, high-quality digital content, which is a hefty undertaking when you don’t have the same content budget as industry giants.

But you do have one key advantage over them: flexibility. You can adopt a digital content strategy that incorporates cutting-edge technology much more quickly than they can, helping your business rise above the competition. Follow these tips to build a content strategy that can help you dominate your industry.

The Power of Digital Content Strategies

You’ll need to adopt different approaches to attract younger audiences who grew up with the internet. This generation is accustomed to using Google and social media at home and expects to find valuable advice and low-friction buying options online.

As digital tools improve, buyers’ expectations will continue to evolve alongside them.

With an effective digital marketing strategy, you can create and distribute digital content to build more credibility with a wider audience. A good digital marketing strategy is quickly becoming vital to generating high-quality leads and achieving your marketing goals.

Tips to Speed Up Your Digital Content Creation

Many people think digital content creation takes a lot of time and resources because their strategy overlooks simple ways to speed it up. Your content creation process will be much quicker and more consistent if you adopt these tips.

Leverage Automation for Content Generation

Automation tools are great at performing repetitive tasks. This makes the content production process more accurate and helps you generate images, text, and videos faster.

With the success of ChatGPT, many people know they can use AI to generate text. But there are more ways you can use automation, including:

  • Content intelligence tools use AI to present the right call to action (CTA) according to users’ behaviors and interests, which is especially useful with search engine optimization (SEO).
  • AI-driven video creation tools convert your script, along with any additional files you give them, into cohesive, professional-looking demo videos, how-to videos, promotional videos, and more.
  • AI voice-to-text tools like LOVO’s Genny give you professional voiceovers that strike the exact tone you need, providing high-quality audio that you can place over your visual content.

Optimize Your Content Planning and Ideation

Without strong content planning and ideation strategies in place, you may run into periods in which you’re unsure of what to base your content on. Automated content creation tools are useful only if you know what you want them to make for you, so optimizing your planning and ideation process helps you avoid a tricky bottleneck.

Some ways you can generate topic ideas include:

  • Making a content calendar: Your calendar lets you see your planned posts at a glance, including what types of content you’re developing and which social media platforms you’re posting on.
  • Social listening: Paying attention to competitors, brand sentiment, and industry trends — using tools like Google Ads and keyword research — helps you generate new content ideas.
  • Leveraging AI: If you reach a point at which you can’t think of any new ideas for your social media posts, blog posts, or email subject lines, an AI copywriting tool can generate a list of ideas to help you brainstorm.

Use Templates

Templates standardize the format, structure, and style of your content. With good templates, you can avoid a major challenge with automated content: an inconsistent brand voice. Templates also help streamline the content creation process.

If you’re building a content template for the first time, below are some sections it should include.

Target Audience

The first thing to identify is whom the content is for. If your ideal audience is between the ages of 18 and 25, your content will look much different than if you were targeting those who are 50 and older.

Similarly, your template should include details about your target market’s lifestyle, interests, and challenges so you can effectively address the right pain points.

Content Goal

A clear objective lets the digital content creator know what you want it to achieve. For example, it could be educational content or a demo video.


Depending on the type of content you’re creating, it will need to have a specific format. For example, if it’s for a demo, it may need to be an instructional video with a voiceover and perhaps subtitles.

SEO Guidelines

Online content needs to be discoverable through search engines to generate inbound traffic. As a result, SEO guidelines are a vital part of your template. This section should include high-ranking keywords, which you can discover with online tools like Google Trends or your content intelligence tools.

Your guidelines should address other elements that search engines look for to rank a piece of content as well, such as:

  • Optimized meta title and description
  • Internal and external links
  • Use of other media (on webpages), like video content
  • Tags or hashtags

Delegate Tasks

As you may have realized, creating high-quality content is a complicated process with many moving parts. While our tips will help, it’s unlikely that any one person can manage everything on their own. It’s important to delegate your tasks to the right team members.

LOVO’s team function can help you split up the work and delegate it to your staff, providing multiple workspaces to help organize different projects. As your team expands, you can add members to the digital platform in different roles so they can easily start working wherever they need to.

Test the Ultimate Generative AI Tool and Speed Up Your Content Creation

AI can already help speed up your digital content creation process, and it will soon become a necessity to keep up with the competition. If you get a head start now by adopting automation into your content creation process, you’ll have the infrastructure in place while others in your industry are still trying to catch up.

Many people hesitate to introduce AI into their workflow because they find it confusing. If you’re one of those people, LOVO is an AI platform that makes it easy to generate unlimited royalty-free images, speed up your script writing, and save money on voiceovers. 

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