Increase your reach with YouTube text to speech

With users’ attention spans shrinking, engaging your audience from the get-go has become an essential skill for YouTube creators to master, particularly as every view counts toward your income. If you’re an experienced YouTuber, you’ll know that using voiceovers is one of the best ways to grab your audience right from the start – but the process of creating said voiceover can be long and laborious. That’s where text to speech for YouTube and integrated AI voiceover tools come in. They elevate your content without wasting time or money. 

LOVO’s AI voice generator turns text into realistic, emotional voiceovers with the click of a button – and they’re so good, nobody would believe you if you told them the voices were AI. Keep reading to find out more.

​​How to create text to speech for your YouTube videos

Creating a voiceover track for your YouTube videos is easier with a text to speech generator. While some tools result in voices that sound robotic with zero traces of human emotion, LOVO’s AI speech generator provides over 30 different voices and can express up to 25 emotions. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use and master! Here’s a quick rundown:

1 – Copy and paste the script of your YouTube video into Genny’s text editor.

2 – Choose the AI voice that best fits the vibe of your content. Genny has an extensive collection of accents and inflections to help you create a voiceover that is authentically you. Click the ‘play’ button on each voice’s profile photo for a preview. Do you need a language other than English? We offer 40+ languages in over 150 voices. 

3 – Upload your own files – videos, audios, docs, images, and PPT – by clicking “Add Resource” or the cloud button. 

4 – To elevate your content, explore Genny’s library of third-party videos and images that can be added to your project. 

5 – Finally, click on the “generate” icon to create the audio for the chosen text block. To do it all at once, click “Select all” in the top left and then the “Generate” icon to process all text blocks. You’re now ready to render.

6 – Save your file, click “Render”, choose the format you’d like, and when it’s finished rendering, go ahead and download it to your device. Easy peasy!

Why LOVO AI is the best text to speech for YouTubers

As a creator, you’re bombarded with an overwhelming amount of software and online tools that promise to help elevate your content. It’s hard to know what to choose.

LOVO AI is -and we’re a little biased here- the best option for YouTubers looking for an efficient and high-quality text to speech tool. Genny is a full-featured video editor on the web, with an easy-to-use interface and powerful tools that create premium videos. Here’s why you should use Genny:

1. Save time and money

Our customers use Genny to create realistic, humanlike narration in a fraction of the time it would take to record a voiceover. Plus, you’re saving a ton of cash by not hiring voice actors for your project. 

2. Incredibly easy to use

We know that creators and YouTubers already have a lot on their plate, so we’d never make you master complicated software. Genny has a simple interface, with all features located in the same web-based editor. 

3. Enjoy a huge range of voices

No one wants their content to sound like every other channel out there, which is why we offer such a broad array of voices, accents, and inflections in the Genny library. Choose from over 400 voices, which have all been specifically optimized for content creation. Genny is also compatible with over 40 languages. 

Each voice is conveniently categorized based on the type of content you want to produce, whether that’s a fun voice for your YouTube channel or an authoritative voice for a PSA. You can also filter by gender, age, language, and emotion, making the whole process a breeze. 

4. Do everything in one place

There’s nothing worse than constantly switching between tabs and software programs. With Genny, that’s a problem of the past. You can work on adding voiceover while simultaneously editing your video, saving time and streamlining your workflow. Think of Genny’s workspace as a canvas where you can sync voiceovers, images, videos, and sound effect assets to create a perfectly produced video.

5.Add sound effects and background music

Once you’ve stitched your video together, take it to the next level by adding more media. Genny offers users access to thousands of royalty-free video, photo, and audio assets which can be spliced into your project. Don’t worry about copyright: these files can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes without attribution.


How do I get text to speech on YouTube Shorts?

LOVO AI’s Genny tool is incredibly easy to use, and can be applied to both full-length videos and Shorts. Follow the same steps that we laid out above when creating your Shorts, then upload your video straight to YouTube. 

Why should I use text to speech software for YouTube? 

There are a number of reasons why creators should embrace YouTube text to speech software, especially when you’re expected to produce content across multiple platforms. Some benefits include:

  • Saving time to focus on improving your visual elements
  • Eliminating the cost of hiring voice actors and recording equipment
  • Maintaining a consistent tone and delivery across multiple videos
  • Creating content in multiple languages

Can I use text to speech on YouTube?

Definitely! Plenty of YouTube channels use text to speech voices in their videos. They’re so slick and human-sounding that you may not even realize it!

Can text to speech be monetized on YouTube? 

Yes, so long as you’re using a YouTube text to speech tool that doesn’t sound like a robot. YouTube’s policy states that you cannot monetize “autogenerated content… without regard for quality or viewer experience”. Using a high-quality tool like Genny ensures your voiceover will not be flagged and demonetized.

What text to speech do YouTubers use? 

Many YouTubers rely on text to speech tools to help create high-quality and engaging content in a timely manner. One of the most popular tools is LOVO AI, among others. 

Want to start creating text to speech for your YouTube videos? Explore LOVO AI’s full-featured video editor now.