Generating a voiceover is as easy as typing into a word processor.

Simply type, upload or copy and paste a text, choose a voice, and then click generate.

Learn more below 👇

Step 1: Enter text

The text is entered into a text block. You can either directly enter text by typing into the text block, or copy and pasting.

Additionally, you can upload your word document or text file into Genny. To learn how, check out this tutorial.

Step 2: Choose a voice

Choose your perfect voice. We have 300+ voices, and they can be easily filtered and tested out on the Voice Selection panel. Click the speaker headshot to access the Voice Selection panel.

For a more in depth guide on how to pick the perfect voice, please visit this blog post.

Step 3: Generate!

Once you chose your perfect voice, the text block will automatically convert and generate your voiceover file. You can listen to the generated file by clicking the play button on the bottom left.

There you have it! Premium voiceover in seconds.

Enjoy Genny with an extremely simple text-to-speech experience 😊