Sometimes the AI might speak in a weird way at the end of the sentence, or pronounce some words oddly. When faced with this issue, here is what you can do.

Problem 1: Sentence ends with an upward inflection

Try regenerating the block. Sometimes it takes a couple takes to get the good inflection at the end.

Also try changing the punctuation. Try changing it to an exclamation mark from a period for example.

Problem2: The last ‘s’ is not pronounced.

Sometimes, words that end in ‘ies’, such as ‘twenties’, have trouble pronouncing the last ‘s’. Try respelling the ‘ies’ to ‘ees’, like ‘twentees’, and the AI will do a much better job.

Problem 3: Some words are pronounced weirdly.

First solution to try is to regenerate the text block.

If it still does not work, use the pronunciation editor. Here is a guide on how to use it.

Problem 4: Sometimes, the inflections are weird.

Again, first solution is to try regenerating the block.

Next, try and use the emphasis function. This adds emphasis to words and makes the sentence flow more naturally.

You can also try adding commas or changing the punctuation to see if it sounds better.

Finally, you can use the producer mode to adjust the pitch for each word.