If you want to expand your audience in 2024, video subtitles are a crucial strategy. They allow more people to view your content and increase viewers’ comprehension. As video continues to dominate content consumption across platforms, it’s important to create more inclusive viewing experiences.

Leveraging tools to auto-generate subtitles allows you to do that.

Maybe you’re a small business creating product tutorials. Or an educator creating educational content. Or perhaps a marketer promoting your brand through social videos. No matter your genre of content, subtitles provide multiple functions and benefits.

From breaking down language barriers to facilitating comprehension in noisy environments, subtitles enhance accessibility. As you look ahead in your video strategy for 2024, there are a few key reasons to prioritize automatic subtitle generation.

The Importance of Subtitles in 2024

Over the past decade, online video has exploded in popularity across all demographics. In 2022, video content accounted for 65% of all internet traffic. Also, the average person spends over 2.7 hours per day watching online videos, so viewer attention spans are often short.

This massive growth underlines the need to optimize videos to engage audiences. An integral optimization is ensuring content accessibility through elements like accurate automatic subtitles.

Key Reasons to Include Subtitles in Your Videos

Subtitles allow you to reach wider audiences regardless of language barriers. It also makes your videos accessible to the hearing-impaired population. Create subtitles to guarantee viewers can comfortably consume your videos without barriers.

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1. Enable Inclusive Viewing for Hearing-Impaired Audiences

The prevalence of hearing loss globally has increased substantially in recent decades. In 2023, over 5% of the world’s population (430 million people) experienced disabling hearing loss. And projections indicate that by 2050, it will affect over 700 million people.

For your brand to engage this significant demographic, using tools to create auto subtitles in your video content is crucial. Deaf and hard-of-hearing people often find it difficult to watch videos without accurate subtitles. But you can leverage AI and automation tools to generate auto transcription and subtitles for your videos. Adding accurate, time-aligned captions makes videos accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

For example, many such tools with powerful speech recognition software can analyze uploaded videos. You simply auto-generate subtitles aligned to the timings of the speech. This simple process enables the hearing-impaired viewers to instead read through the written text. 

So, instead of excluding people, auto-generating subtitles make your videos reach a larger audience. This inclusive approach aligns well with broader societal efforts toward universal accessibility.

2. Improve Comprehension for Non-Native Language Viewers

In today’s highly interconnected world, people from beyond your local area might take an interest in your video content. It may span across countries and languages. While you produce videos in your native tongue, don’t assume that all your audiences speak or understand your language.

For non-native speakers, comprehension of fast-paced conversational English audio can prove challenging. But the video becomes more consumable for them if they can instead read the subtitles in your videos. The subtitles in the video match the text to the timing of the video dialogue. Thus, a non-native audience could easily utilize the subtitles to understand the concepts in the video better. You can help break down the language barriers your viewers face by including subtitles in your videos.

Reaching wider global audiences depends on optimizing for comprehension variance in language proficiency. Take advantage of smart auto transcription and subtitling to make content accessible across languages. In tools such as LOVO, you can preset subtitle languages in multiple languages based on your audience demographics.

3. Facilitate Content Consumption in Noisy Environments

Beyond factors like hearing loss and language fluency, environmental noise also hinders video viewing. People are increasingly watching videos on the go. They may watch your videos in environments where clearly hearing the audio is challenging. It could be viewers tuning in from public spaces, shared living spaces, or on the move with background noise.

Noise pollution in cafes, airports, buses, or walking on busy streets makes audio difficult to interpret clearly. However, the subtitles in the video can enable the viewer to understand the content regardless of the noisy backgrounds.

Matching text captions to video dialogue enables continuous comprehension despite interfering sounds. Viewers focused on your video can easily follow along with the content without missing any key messaging. Thus, subtitle tracks transform videos into easily digestible, noise-resistant content.

Automated subtitles additionally let viewers watch videos without audio turned on. By scanning scenes and reading captions, as dialogue occurs on screen, the viewer grasps core ideas through the text. Noise no longer hinders viewership on the go.

Enhance Your Video Accessibility Through Auto-Generated Subtitles Today

The reasons to include professional subtitles certainly seem clear and compelling in 2024. It has become the core of accessible and inclusive video content. However, manually creating subtitles can be daunting for time-strapped individual creators and businesses.

Thankfully, advanced artificial intelligence tools now enable embedding pre-made subtitles with ease. These tools can automatically transcribe video dialogue and audio descriptions to text-based subtitles. Services like LOVO offer an intuitive subtitle editor and subtitle generator tool. It can handle subtitle creation without needing hours of manual labor.

LOVO’s AI-powered intuitive tool can accurately transcribe video and audio files to editable subtitle text in minutes. Simply upload your video files and customize subtitle presets and preferences. The tool then generates multi-language subtitle files automatically. Furthermore, the unique presets allow you to style subtitle text, colors, and fonts to match your brand identity.

Beyond subtitles, LOVO provides a complete suite of AI-powered editing tools to take your video content creation to the next level in 2024. From realistic animated subtitles to a pronunciation editor and adjustable AI voice generators, LOVO has you covered. 

Take advantage of our suite of powerful AI editing tools and professional-grade text-to-speech voices. Transform your content and boost your reach to a larger audience. Get started today for free.

A woman wearing a beige blazer and stripe top holding up three fingers on one hand.