Sometimes the AI won’t say things the way you like. Like it’s pronouncing your client’s brand name wrong. Yikes! The AI will get better over time, but you got a project due tomorrow. What should you do?

Do not fret, the Pronunciation Editor is here!

Pronunciation Editor is designed for you to teach the AI how to properly pronounce a certain word.

Often times, the AI will work much better if you spell out the word as it sounds.

For example, “LOVO” sounds better if you spell it out to be “Lovoe”.

You can directly make this change in the text block editor, but you can also use the Pronunciation Editor to automatically apply this change to all the text blocks. Let’s find out how.

First, open the Pronunciation Editor panel on the left.

Enter the source word. In our case, that’s “LOVO”.

Next, enter the target word. That’s “Lovoe” for us.

Press + button and it’s done!

Next, go to the text blocks that have the word “LOVO” and generate again to apply the changes. Any time you type “LOVO” from here on now will be generated to “Lovoe”

Using this very simple trick, you can teach the AI to pronounce accurately!